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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

when neighbors change your life....and cooking with cats!

Yesterday neighbors at the post office see me with Yogi and they are like "who is the rasta dog?" and I explain Yogi belongs to OTHER neighbors and I babysit him a lot...and also that the pet sitting business is booming.  They tell me Yogi should meet their chickens...but I explain that Yogi met their chickens a while ago, when I was babysitting their chickens...I was doing 2 jobs at once....
anyway, you have no idea how FUN it is playing with other people's pets.
And we leave each other little gifts!
Yogi's family left cookies last week, vegan etc.  with the recipe.  It could not be easier or tastier, except that when I baked them?  I added a 1/4 cup cocoa powder!  You don't go wrong with extra chocolate, do you? I also used oat flour not wheat. YUM. Recipe if you click here!
I tell Yogi's family "I need Yogi to come over and help us bake".  I didn't get a photo of THAT yesterday because he was too busy horsing around with my cat Spike....

In other news, I was wandering around the interwebs looking for an oat pie crust and came across a custard apple pie recipe...oh man, pie for breakfast!  I baked it with blueberries instead, oat flour, and soy here for recipe. MIND BLOWING!

Finally, back to Yogi...he is half retriever.  Spike cat has a tennis ball that he plays with (is my cat half retriever too????), and he is such a clown when he chases it....


~ Sil in Corea said...

Yogi and Spike! Such a pair!
That recipe sounds facinating! I need to share it with my gluten-free daughter.

Barbara Rogers said...

Great action shots...did you ever consider becoming a sports and cat sports at least!

Shortstuff said...

Love that last picture of Yogi. Those eyes are whack!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Everything about this makes me happy...cats, dogs, baking, friends, extra chocolate. Pretty good life. :)

Lori Buff said...

You're surrounded by cute pets, life is good.

smalltownme said...

We love pie for breakfast. Great action photos!

smartcat said...

You are becoming like Rabbit with his Friends and Relations! Love to see the gang helping out.

Emily SIL said...

Spike always seems to follow you into the kitchen, even if you are baking something sweet for the humans. Most cats I know don't care for baked goods, but I guess hope really does spring eternal--for pets who venture into the kitchen.

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