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Monday, July 1, 2013

20 things worth the effort...?

It came to me suddenly yesterday: some things you roll your eyes, procrastinate, dawdle over, maybe finally get to ....OR NOT.  But there is a lot that IS worth it.  I made a quick list of 20!  Go to comments:

My quick 20:
1) clean the cat box..otherwise you will ALL SUFFER
2) take out the trash... DITTO
3)  weed!  or get somebody to weed, like wave a 20 at your wife suggestively, hoping  she will get the hint and go out in the hot sun amongst all the bugs and mud...check that, wave a fistful of 20s at your wife....
4) clean the sink...that I can do, and then when the neighbor comes over unexpectedly you will not be humiliated
5) baking a cherry pie...holy CATS cherry season is here!
6)  saying a kind word, lending a shoulder for your sweetie to cry upon
7) moving!  get off your ass and move your body!
8) walk places!  is driving really all that fun?  well, see below, but still, walk more!  your dog will love you for it
9) stretching..I don't do much, but I guess that if you do NOT, one day you MIGHT not be able to
10) sweeping--just like the sink...and start next to the cat box....
11)  biking...we biked up the riverbank yesterday, OH schweeeet....
12)  bathing...its fun and then you won't scare off your friends....
13)  vacuuming...I recently discovered that little brush makes it easy to get dog hair off the moldings!
14)  sleeping...nap, late, early, its all good
15)  reading!  I have towering piles everywhere and I bet you do too....
16)  thinking critically...if more of us listened to NPR, for example, and weighed options and choices and facts then maybe Rush L!mbaugh would find himself retired....
17)  brushing and flossing....ever notice how blueberry seeds and skins...never mind...
18)  clipping your is summer and there are a lot of fukking toenails on display....I really wish people tucked that sh!t back into shoes....
19)  climb a tree on a sunny Sunday :)
20) making sand castles on a beach....

go to comments, what is yours?

In other news, you will know I love making car cups..well, I have made a few, and I told you I was gonna try car bowls too!  check these out....I won't say they are inspired by the cutest car ever made, the 2005 audi TT, but, well.....

Gosh, I am realizing I am making a lot of BOY POTS aren't I?  Robots, Godzilla, cars....

(car pots by Gary Rith)
Like I say, other than my car cup and bowl, the cutest car ever made, right?


Barbara Rogers said...

That's great...all cute boy toys! Enjoy life!

Lori Buff said...

Good list. I'll add, spending time with friends, cook and eat good foods. Spend time in a hammock. Find or make reasons to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I like the "boy pottery." And you said it about litter boxes.
Worth it? Here, keeping the kids off screens is worth the effort, or they turn into miserable, grumpy brats. And staying ahead of fruit flies is worth it, too.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Cooking is worth the effort. You and I both share that one. Amen on the cat boxes! #1 on the list for sure!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh #12 made me laugh out loud!
Oh, cleaning windows? Worth it? It's nice to see out....but maybe it makes it too easy for peepers to see in???
Happy July!

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