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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was telling Bronwyn yesterday...

I was telling Bronwyn yesterday that I have so much material to blog post, I have it planned out for a couple of days.  This was AFTER she admitted that she Tuesday had a break at work, had finished her emails and all and was like "hmm, I'm bored, what NOW?" and she was like, understandably, "I'll catch up on Gary's blog!".  I am DEFINATELY your go to blog when you're bored....

I was also telling her that I am often blogging early and there is not much going on between my ears and it is ME who is  boring people , and bless her, she replied "that hasn't happened yet".

I am totally asleep at the wheel here today, but need to share cute pots with you:
a)  drawn pets on pots--I have noticed that I really like the 2 part thing, dark glaze on one side, drawn dog or whatever on the side and
b)  I was super pleased with the 2 bowls here, and they BOTH sold right away Friday...gotta make more like that
Have an awesome day!


Barbara Rogers said...

I missed logging on to see your blog, something Google did to block me getting onto ANY blogs. I'm in withdrawal. But it fixed itself eventually. SO, here you are, and I'm so glad. Love those bowls with a full animal attached. More more more!

Lori Buff said...

The bowls are very cute, I imagine the animals make a nice handle as well.

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