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Sunday, July 21, 2013

its a terrible SICKness....

I guess that, depending on how you count it, I have a lot of bikes.  If you counted in the garage now, you would find, well, FIVE.  The fifth is this rather spiffy Schwinn, a DREAMY, LIKE NEW 7 speed with retro styling that I came across yesterday...USED!   The price was so good and it was so pretty I tossed it into the trunk of the car and got out the bungee cords...then the rest of the day, whenever we went to walk the dog, the wife and dog RAN and I doodled around them in circles...well, each bike has a PURPOSE, right?  Like, I use the red one for getting the mail at the PO because it has a basket!  Ahem...
well, then there are the tee shirts, how can I resist???? I strongly suggested the wife grab these 2 sale tees for my Christmas stocking...I mean, it is horrible, I have 2 bureaus stuffed with tees, including one whole drawer of Mickey tees! (by coincidence I was wearing my Mickey pin, hmmm)
Honest....ugh.  I guess some people are addicted to booze or gambling?  "My name is Gary and I am addicted to tee shirts!  I need to wear SOMETHING!"

In other news, the wife is like "don't go posting all those pictures of me!"
She looks rather sassy in her new 'do, eh?  We both saw Jackie yesterday, with the magic scissors:  Jackie is Dominican via NYC--Jackie is so lively and wild, I would HIGHLY recommend lively and wild Dominican haircutters if you can find one!  You time in the chair will fly and you will hardly care what you look like you have had such fun....


bartster said...

Great slice of life! I have a Schwinn beach cruiser (no gears) that I love to ride--the basket was "after market" and very handy!

smartcat said...

Uhhh...I guess I am guilty of TeeMania. A tee for every occasions and besides many of them were bought in support of worthy it's a civic duty to bey them. And then there are all the plain ones I bought for work because it was an unspoken rule for staff not to wear shirts with anything on them...too much potential for trouble with the clients.

And just think, Gary! If there is a disaster we'll be able to clothe many friends and relations!

One of my other not-so-secret-vices is cow creamers. (But it's pottery and inspirational!)

Your walks with all your various 4Leggers are so cooling and happy!

I think both you and Missus Tasteycakes look terrific with the new haircuts!

Michèle Hastings said...

that is a sweet looking bike, no wonder you couldn't resist buying it.

Anonymous said...

She's looking goooood!
Those are good habits to have--bikes and t-shirts.

smalltownme said...

"Ernest" has 4 bikes...well technically 3 cause he gave one to his brother...and both he and his brother have a huge collection of t-shirts -- mostly rock and roll type.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

That's my husband's bike! And I have the women's version. Yep, we ride around town on matching bikes, because, at heart, we're 70 years old.

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