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Sunday, July 7, 2013

interspecies LOVE affair....

(sculpture by Gary Rith)
OK, so you know I have made all these robots and rockets and such lately, right?  Last week, after poking around in the studio, I come out and tell the wife "I made a flying saucer!" which seemed like a big deal at the time...remarkable, the silly ways you can use your time, hmmm? ;)

In other news, Yogi's family calls "can you babysit Yogi tonight?  It is hot and he gets his haircut Sunday, so no big walks, maybe hang out?" and I am like "Of course! Yogi is easy to hang out with..." and we DID walk some, both with Penny and then later to another neighbor's place where I am chicken sitting....but in between?  Yogi came inside to play with Spike....Yogi may be the friendliest dog ever BUT my cat Spike may be the friendliest CAT ever, they were horsing around, kissing each other....Spike was just fascinated by Yogi, and Yogi is still a puppy.  He was like "what the hell kind of dog is THIS?  IT PURRS???? Oh well, he is fun!".  Penny was a good hostess, entirely friendly about it herself.  She was like "good, I get to relax and the cat can play with the energetic young puppy...."


smartcat said...

This too much for words. They both look so happy! How sweet of Penny not to be upset, but then she is a real sweetie dog.
You'll probably change it once I comment but the pitchers (ewers?) in your header are luscious. Elegant and usable.

Barbara Rogers said...

What fun, shaggy and spikey and penny...all furry and happy, and hopefully not too hot!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Yogi in da house! I'm staying with a host family with the cutest fluffy little dog named Hugo. My new BFF for the next 2 weeks! Yay!

Emily SIL said...

I'm so happy the kids are playing nicely together (or not)!

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