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Thursday, July 4, 2013

speaking of those pitchers....

Before I share delightful CAT pictures with you (I am sure you're dying to see those!) let's talk pitchers.  I have mentioned before that I love pitchers.  There are things I do not make because I do not use them: French butter keepers, toothbrush holders, berry bowls--I do not use them myself and their function is entirely specific to one function.  A mug can be used for coffee...or tea!  Coke, Pepsi, pencils, marbles!  A bowl is good for noodles!  Rice!  Dog food or ice cream!  Teapots are...well, I love teapots.  Anyway, what I love about pitchers is they are the ultimate in pottery usefulness:  iced tea today, a bouquet of roses tomorrow!  Plus they look cool, and I like to bring some of that wacky feeling I add to teapots to some of them.
I started a new series.  yesterday I showed the first I made last week.  They are based on this purple hand blown glass pitcher the wife brought to the marriage.  I LOVE IT.  It is the ultimate!  I remember before the wife and I married we made that Spanish fruity drink together, red wine and nearly everything else, Sangria for this pitcher.  It has survived a lot of moves....

Now my versions....

This one was the second I made, then I REALLY got into it, as you see...
(pitchers by Gary Rith)
In other news, the sun hit these flowers JUST RIGHT!
You know how it go to make the bed and the cat comes along to help...have an awesome day!


Dennis Allen said...

Nice to hear someone else refusing to make "gimmick" pots.If anyone asks me for a chip and dip I hand them a big bowl and a small bowl.

Mrs. Potsblog said...

Cats make good supervisors.

Barbara Rogers said...

Your pitchers are great. My cat loves to run under the sheet when I fling it up, positive that way she will be in a kitty hiding place where the ultimate mouse might be found.

cookingwithgas said...

those are some great pitchers you are making. How can one live without pottery in their house?

smartcat said...

They all seem to be saying..."Fill me with good things to drink!" I like what you're doing.

Spike is plotting, no doubt about it. Now that summer is here Aloysius and Kiki think it's the height of fun to attack my feet while I am asleep under a thin blanket!

bartster said...

Pictures of pitchers--I like the progression you see in the photos. And aren't pitchers just ever so useful?

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