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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

taming BIG AND NASTY through sculpture....

You see me make a cute green teapot with a piggy on top, and it is all about the cute!
You don't think to yourself "go stand in a pig sty with 40 pigs and think about what pigs are REALLY LIKE".
Talking about creative process here:  as a Quaker, you may know that our worship involves no clergy or any other typical order of service.  It is an hour of silence and those who are moved to do so may speak.  It is usually pretty quiet.
When you get into that groove, it is, to me (I am a nervous and hyper person) like a cool dip in a pond on a hot day.  Refreshing!  And suddenly the meditative hour is over.
Meditation for me can make things creatively click or fall into place or tumble into my lap.
I will regularly take notes and make doodles during Quaker meeting ("make enchiladas for dinner!" etc).
  Sunday I was like "make a hippo sculpture holding a bowl" and doodled it (see below!)
You read that of all the creatures on earth, the wolves, sharks, lions, bears and pythons, hippos are the ones most likely to kill a human.  You see them looking cute in rivers and paddling their fat little selves around but they are s'posed to be pretty BIG AND NASTY.
So, it is like pigs, through art we can make some things REALLY cute...

The hippo got me thinking....BTW, all of these took so long to make, the mental cash register is like "these suckers are gonna be EXPENSIVE"

And speaking of sketches and pottery, LOOK what came out of the kiln Monday:  it was a helluva great Monday in the studio, oh yes....

Like I was saying about my sketchbook yesterday:  the same things drawn over and over again, hundreds of times....

Finally, the wife comes home and sees my mess "I can't remember what books I am reading, they were stacked everywhere!"  and now I am down to ONE disorganized pile in one spot, whereas the wife had counted 9 before I started...have an awesome Tuesday!


bartster said...

Hippo pots. It's just fun to say. They look amazing too! I also like the rooster one a lot.

Lori Buff said...

So it's a hippo-pot-amus? :-)

smartcat said...

Busy day! Busy potter! Nice work all around!

Stacey B said...

I think I need a hippo pot. I love hippos!!

Anonymous said...

I'm mad for those sketches of chickens, actually.

Sandi McBride said...

loved this post...recently our children (son and daughter in law) had a Quaker wedding. We were rather taken aback as my husband is Methodist, I am Catholic and her parents are family assumed they were Quaker and her family assumed we were...turns our no one was Quaker, they just liked the service and that everyone there would sign the marriage certificate. Rather liked that part myself...again, lovely work you do

JB said...

I just finished a post about critters in the pottery studio and then thought I would have wander about in blogland only to find your post full of fabulous critters. Animals certainly are a great scource of inspiration for me in art and in life. What would I save? My dogs first, mind you I think they would be busy saving me.

smalltownme said...

I can't even count my book stacks.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Do you read Jodi Piccoult or is that the wife?

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