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Friday, May 11, 2012

a winner in the four leaf clover lottery of life.....

A dream and a story, but FIRST a winner! My randomizer came up with a winner for yesterday's fact and dream thang, and it is LORI!  Lori Buff lives in Atlanta and is a potter and a winner and pretty neato :) Send me your real mailing address Lori and the super duper four leaf clover is yours!

OK, my story?  I woke today from a dream where I was visiting our old neighborhood.  There was some kind of drug operation and/or shady dealings going on with one of our old neighbors, really violent people who tormented us for 3 years:  death threats, getting chased and attacked by their vicious German Shepherd, blood thrown in our driveway.  They had their own house fire, auto accidents, everything, and it may have been they were cooking meth.  We moved when we could and our life is awesome, and I heard that 3 years after we left the husband died of his own bad habits around age 48.  Anyway, in my dream, I am again very anxious ot be on that street, but he has died.  the wife is around somewhere, and she was apiece of work, but I was walking past and the dog needed help.  I was terrified by that dog.  In this dream, it was chained up inside a little crate, abandoned, and needing help.  I tried to overcome my fear and take it home and care for it, and play with it.  made me feel better about the whole real life incidents, you know?  A little resolution in my subconscious....

Anyway, here we are pressing some of the four leaf clovers we have, and another color scheme for berry bowls! Have a great weekend!


Joe Troncale said...

Gary's Third Psychodrama Blog!!!
Man, that is terrible having to be tormented that way as a kid! I think I understand Godzilla a lot better now!!!
Great berry bowls, by the way! Wonderful glaze!

Barbara Rogers said...

Ultimate cool glaze on berry bowls!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Joe, I was not a kid. This was just a few years ago.

Lori Buff said...

Yay! I could use some luck just now.

What a horrible story, I'm so sorry you have to relive some of it in your dreams but I do like the part about you wanting to help the dog. Deep down you probably know that the dog was just as much a victim of bad people as you were, the dog could still be helped.

Michèle Hastings said...

Yay for Lori! Jeff is still finding 4 leaf clovers here too... he brought a few in before mowing the lawn yesterday.
I think this is a sign that this is going to be the BEST year for all of us potter/bloggers!!!

Joe Troncale said...

Whoa! Glad you got out of there!
Nothing worse than random violence to mess with your psyche...

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Congrats to Lori!

Yeah, that was a messed up situation swith those neighbors. I remember your moving story. I like that you had a dream where you could rescue that dog.

We had bad neighbors (not that bad) and they had a white shepherd that was neglected and probably mistreated. I hated that dog and wished it out of my life. They were young, stupid and wrong, but I was wrong to hate that dog as much as I did. I hope it ended up in a good home like yours.

Julia said...

Lucky Lori...!!
...and I love that glaze!

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