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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

friends don't let friends garden like ME

Tales from a black thumb could be the title of this post.  I TRY every spring, as many of you know, to start some cosmos, marigolds, herbs, tomatoes, and it rarely works well.  The weeds in my yard THRIVE.  I'd love a nice garden, but I don't like to garden, you know?  So, I get the ball rolling and hope for the best.  I only spent a few dollars on seeds, but ironically, the sunflowers I got for FREE are doing the very best of the whole mess.

Somebody took my spot in the bed....hmmmmm...she looks comfy, eh wot?  And there is the delightful BEFORE and after of a glaze firing yesterday, cooling now.  There is a pair of flower pots on top in back that wife asked for.... mmmmm....she is better at gardening and has some herbs to plant....

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Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I think you could market that photo of Penny as an antidote to stress. Too cute!

Joe Troncale said...

Gary, you are like the cobbler who never had shoes! You need some bigger flower pots not just for your wife but for yourself and your poor plants! They need some SPACE! Your assignment is to make some platter-like pots that have some small holes in the bottom specifically for starting your seeds!!!
Great mugs as always!

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the three little pigs! If I still had a baby grandkid, I'd want it for her/him. Glad you've got sunflowers growing...maybe the seeds are a difficult choice for you...try a plant next year. And then water it daily (whether you want to or not) A discipline I am also bad at following, but have been lucky with lots of rain lately here.

Lori Buff said...

That's odd, it seems so many of us potters like to play in the dirt outside of the studio also.
I have to say, free plants grow better, they come with good karma.

smalltownme said...

Oh Gary, you are my kind of gardener. Can you make pots with big faces on them? I used to have a pot that was grinning, it had arms that reached up to grab its edge. I miss that pot.

Joyful Things said...

Penny is one smart (and comfy) dog!

Love the three pigs :>)

Pauline said...

Love your new stuff! Yep you could try a bigger container for your little plants... and that is one comfy beagle!!!!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Tales from a black thumb... that's me, too. I've never succeeded with growing something from seed and transplanting to the garden. Heck, I barely keep flowers alive in the garden. Anything doing well out there, it's all SuperDad's doing.

I'd love a nice garden, but I don't like to garden, you know?
Boy howdy to I ever know! You're singing my song, Gary.

My claim to fame are killer margaritas.

Julia said...

Love the flowerpots - you should make MORE.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I find it hard to believe that you can't 'garden'...but then again, did you ever see me potting? Nahhhh.
Oh Penny...what a little snuggle bunny!

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