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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BENJI's paintings

Many of you know my pal Benji. I have to go over to his house tomorrow, and then there is talk of us grabbing a couple of other friends for a road trip Friday (really! believe it when I say it: ARTISTS HAVE MORE FUN) (even if we are poor). We have 4 of Benji's paintings, here are 2, plus him messing around with clay last week. Extraordinary.


Reverend Awesome said...

Benji's paintings are so serene. They're great.

Nicki said...

Having seen the little one in person, I like them both. The larger one - the colors are so different.

And hey, if you are going on a road trip Friday, does that mean no Happy Hour?

gz said...

Has Benji seen Mint Sauce?

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