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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cows, Collins, Chapterhouse....

Impossibly busy day here yesterday. Today shall be too, ending up, of course, at Friday Happy Hour at the Chapterhouse.
Yesterday I was making my FIRST EVER teapots shaped like a cow, and I made, 2, they are looking GOOD....
YOU KNOW there are teats below. The wife is always reminding me that cow teats are more between the back legs. I sorta center the teats, OH WELL....

You have here some more cat sculptures I made, look below at the models....

I grabbed the camera and got ready to snap and...

Got Spike midair in a leap, coolio!

Last night we went to a poetry reading at Cornell, with hundreds of other people. I had never been to a poetry reading before. Billy Collins is a famous poet because he writes about ordinary things and is funny as hell....for example, he was cracking jokes at blogs and facebook, the sheer inanity of most people's self expression...AHEM. I don't think I am all that inane....
Billy Collins reading one of his best....

This poem, not read by Billy, but super funny---BUZZING AROUND THE HOUSE on espresso.
At the moment, for example, I AM buzzing around the house on espresso.


Gordo said...

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

I can't wait to see those teapots glazed. :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The cows are cute...teats and ALL.
Spike is magical..and way cool.

Hilary said...

She says between its hind legs.. you say centered... teats its own. ;)

Those cows are udderly adorable.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

No espresso for me...I'll meet my dear sweet java again Saturday morning after good Friday. ;-)

You must have reached into my brain about the cow teapots. This was what I totally had in mind but I didn't think you could to the teets because you have to warm the pot.

FYI, I have a gas range, that won't hurt the pots, right?


Stacey B said...

Cow teapots are AMAZING! I'm absolutely in love and can't wait to see them finished!!!

Kim Hines said...

the teapots are great, looks like they're mid-moo!

Pauline said...

Cow teapots!!!!! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see them finished.

Cheryl said...

Love the cow teapots!!

kcinnova said...

(M)OOooooo! Cow Teapots!!

And I can't get over how HUGE Spike is. I think of him while I pet and tummy-rub the cat I am taking care of this week. (She is also a 20-lb cat. MEOW!)

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