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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

when slugs fly.....

I felt gross Monday and accomplished very little. Including not posting here, OMFG how could that be, right?  I always post!

In the midst of that allergy mess (my allergist gave me a bag of drugs last month which have been very helpful...except for Monday...) I opened the kiln to a WHOLE BATCH of goodies, the whole "Christmas morning" thing that comes with a good firing. There were some pigs and planes in there.

Outside?  This leopard slug is so comically big and spotted he is almost cute (compared to the icky little ones that are more common) will remember he was trying to climb into our house last week, and he is still trying....

One last thought about allergies:  those tough people who took their wagons on the Oregon trail and went west, through the woods and plains, with the grizzlies and rattlesnakes?  Or the tough Marines going through basic in the mud with the hot sun and mosquitos? NOPE, I would never have been one of those people.  I would have been the guy standing there, blowing his nose, waving goodbye, saying "you can KEEP the great outdoors, UGH".


Caroline said...

Pic 1...cute! Pic 2...ewww! (I can see where it got the name.)

smartcat said...

Well! I was a bit concerned with no post yesterday! Very happy that all is well!

Have you named the slug yet?

Barbara Rogers said...

Missed reading here yesterday...knew it must be something serious to keep you away. Please feel better soon. Great pigs in planes. Slug not so much.

Lori Buff said...

I love the pig in planes.
Being a year round allergy sufferer I feel your pain. I hope the allergy meds give you some relief.

Summer said...

Nice slug!!

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