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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scoop, Odin, Saffron!

You know them---we take a staycation with them every summer...well, always, really...

My allergist asked last month "so, you stay away from dogs and cats, right?" and I laughed laughed laughed...she doesn't know my sideline as a petsitter, does she?

Yep, and Tuesday was one of those days, one of those weeks!
I have fewer dog walk jobs lately (until the school year starts again) but vacations mean more cats to babysit---and I keep saying I have MORE THAN ENOUGH but then I meet some nice person with sweet cats and I say YES, sure, I love your kitty, whatever and whenever you want....

Early August is like worldwide vacation time.  So I am cat babysitting all day......
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FUN IT IS to go into somebody's house and be a CAT'S HERO?  Oh their love is awesome.....

You will remember Scoop, my friend Ray's stray kitten?  She is about 3 now and SUCH an acrobat...she stands on 2 feet to play, like a grizzly! Or...human!

And I hadn't seen Odin in awhile.....

Here is Saffron, otherwise known as Peef (it is a long story...) Peef's sister Nutmeg, AKA "MEG" is shy and although she tolerates my filling her food dish, otherwise hides from me.
Peef is another story!  He is playful and sweet and meets me at the door and tells me I am awesome....pretty darn good gig, isn't it?????


smartcat said...

You are a felicitous, feline friend!

Barbara Rogers said...

How great to be the hero for so many felines! And thanks for somehow putting the camera to capture them and you! Now back to the clay.

Lori Buff said...

It’s impossible to avoid animals when we love them so much. As a part time pet sitter also, I totally understand what you mean about being a cat’s hero, same with the dogs. It just feels so good to make them so happy.

smalltownme said...

Kitties! I am happy.

Michèle Hastings said...

those are beautiful photos of you and your cat friends, they really capture your love of animals... and their love for you.

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