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Thursday, August 6, 2015

at least these flowers don't make me sneeze....

I mean, seriously!  This is a BAD allergy season in the northeast.  I am at the allergist yestersday, giving IN and accepting 3-4 new medications....I avoid meds, because every senior citizen you meet has a table full of daily pills and GAWDAMN I am in no hurry to join them.

But I give up, as far as breathing goes.  The nose runs like a faucet, the lungs wheeze....and then there are the food allergies. Sorry if I sound like I am complaining, but I am a healthy beast otherwise and fortunate to be able to say that.

Those flowers above are a test...and I loooooooove it.  Blue under white.  So friendly and cheerful! I shall do more.....

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


smartcat said...

Delightful, as usual.
Allergies are awful this year; at least I have managed to get rid of most of the goldenrod and ragweed!
Have you ever looked at pollen under a microscope? Most of them look like balls of thumbtacks!
Hey! At least it's warm and summer!

Barbara Rogers said...

Take care of your allergic self, no shame in that! I'm on maintenance dose of my shots now, just every other week, after 6 months of weekly shots to build up immunity to just 4 things (and not flowers!).

Lori Buff said...

I feel your pain, I’m allergic to almost everything that grows. I have finally gotten some relief from taking something I found in my local natural foods co-op. It’s a liquid that is essentially about 500 mg Vitamin C and Nettle. I was supper scared to take it but it has worked better than any OTC allergy pills.

bartster said...

Cheerful flowers and hypo-allergenic is quite a combo. Hope the allergy season passes and you feel better soon.

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