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Monday, August 10, 2015

that was Sunday....

The wife and I headed out midday Sunday for a VERY tame adventure, with our picnic:  Sunset Park! I had heard about it, this lookout in the trees over Cayuga Lake, yeOW! Can you believe there was a person there playing a flute the whole time we were eating?  Just for us....

I baked Nicole of gluten-free on a shoestring's blondies in cupcake form, HOT DAMN don't you want to eat those???? The dog does too.....

Finally, I had a gig to walk Kiko, and this sign cracks me up.  The first time we walked near it the UPS guy goes past at 43 then it was nothing...suddenly it started reading 3 then 4 then was clocking US!
Have a great Monday!


Anna said...

did that sign make you want to run? funny :) a flute serenade would be lovely..

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, removing that fur during summer time. Great pic of your wife! And walking at 3.5 mph had your sign completely befuddled, eh?

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

HA! Now I want to bring the flute and come visit!

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