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Sunday, August 30, 2015

little feet....

I was driving along and began thinking of little scaly feet on a mug....then thought of some eyes staring at you balefully, and hey, make the handle a scaly tail and it is a monster mug!

Speaking of feet like that:  When I was a kid I dearly wanted a table with monster legs...when I was grown up I found them wicked expensive, until one day I came across a big oak table at an antique store with lion's feet at an OK price...I bought it and took it apart and somehow got it home and put together and IT WAS THE WIFE's birthday--lucky HER! She got the table I have always wanted for that birthday ;)
True story!

Happy Sunday all!


Anonymous said...

The feet are adorable--but the eyes! That's what gets me about your mug.
Claw feet on a table? That has whimsy.

Barbara Rogers said...

Gives me pause, would I drink from a monster's mouth? Mmm. Probably laugh my drink out through my nose!

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