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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ithaca's lakefront trail opens....

The wife and I lived in Chicago for many years, a main feature, as you know, is the open lakefront, a system of paths, trails, parks, zoos that make it easy for bikes, runners, walkers to enjoy the city off road. AND soooo:

Cayuga Lake is verrrry pretty and in Ithaca, there are great parks on 2 sides, Stewart park to the east, Cass Park to the west.  In between is what is called the OCTOPUS, a horrible traffic and bridge configuration made necessary by the fact that between railroad tracks (some retired, some active), hills, rivers, gorges and old cow paths, something like 8 roads meet and tangle at the base of Cayuga Lake.  So, getting from one park to another on foot or bike was a mess.

Over the years the city has hacked its way through forming a paved bike and walking path, in between the 2 parks, and built some pedestrian only bridges and DANG! The whole 6 miles opened this week!
A bonus is that right in the middle is the lakefront farmer's market, which is a huge structure holding 80-100 farmers and the rest.....
(Well, one pedestrian bridge still needs the railing, but the whole project is a miracle, and on a gorgeous 74 degree morning we biked it all....)
This is truly one of America's prettiest cities, and dedicated to people, not just cars. There is a further extension, and old rail trail, that is still a bit rough, but continues another ten miles up to a pretty state park....not sure when that path might be improved, but still...

We walked the dog early, I ran a few miles then we biked an hour and a half...after lunch I was TIRED, you know?  Somebody found the camera and.....


smartcat said...

Not quite 'impossible things before breakfast', but pretty impressive all the same!
I see Spike was equally exhausted. The mere proximity of exercise wears the poor, hardworking kitties out!
BTW, I read your blog every morning and even go so far as to wonder if all is well if you don't post!

Barbara Rogers said...

What a lovely place to ride! No wonder you conked out!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You're so fortunate to have this lovely park so close to home. I love the idea of spending the day on my bike; with a stop at the farmers market for some goodies. Love the photos; you are a fabulous couple!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish we had that level of connectedness with our trails and paths. How VERY cool and forward-thinking of your community to link all of these features together this way.

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