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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Shall I be honest with you?
Sure I should.  Bare my soul, as it were.... besides, nobody reads my blog ;)

a)  one second after the photo below was taken, the mug I was painting a flamingo upon took a DIVE off the table in a bizarre suicide attempt...which ended like Humpty Dumpty.... moral of THAT story:  is a blog post worth sacrificing a mug for?

b)I figure that I was lucky that was my accident of the day instead of something a little more life-threatening to ME

c) I was just dreaming I was appointed assistant secretary of the treasury....this was a fun position because I could boast to my very impressed neighbors AND almost get my name on dollar bills....better work on my messy signature....

d)  America, no the WORLD, is a crazy place and humans are the lunatics in charge of the asylum: what kind of person has to prove he's a man by killing a lion in a canned hunt?  What IS IT with people and guns? I think they were deprived of bedtime stories and crayons and paper when they were kids, because I would argue humans were born to create, not destroy.....



Barbara Rogers said...

Amen, brother! And condolences on flamingo flop!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You'd think we were all here to create....but that apparently is not the case.
So sad about the suicidal flamingo; he was cute!!!
Have a great weekend Gary!

knittergran said...

Hah! I must be nobody---I read your blog!
And that horrid, horrid dentist. I just can't imagine how someone thinks it's ok to kill anything other than a roach. What arrogance.

bartster said...

Bummer about the flamingo (thought it was a lemming?)

Anonymous said...

Shame about that suicidal flamingo
I 100% agree with you on the create, don't destroy. What is WITH people? Perhaps we're so far removed from actual survival violence that we seek to create it...

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