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Friday, June 19, 2015

the competition is getting hot and heavy...

I am entering, as it turns out, 2 cup competitions and one teapot competition this summer...if all goes according to plan! And it shall...

You see "call for entry", some gallery somewhere has a themed show and you can try to submit your work and a)  win a spot in the show and sometimes b) further, win a prize for being the coolest IN that show...

SO, sometimes these things get the juices flowing and the mind working and you think of new ideas and try them I am doing with the cups pictured here.  (the cat vase experiment is a different whim, nothing to do with that).
ANYWAY, so knowing all this, what was I just dreaming?  That I had my pots in progress and the mailman sits down at my table, looking for coffee and cookies, which I provide, and is like "hmmm, I don't think your entries are gonna make it by the deadline...".  I mean these competitions aren't that big of a deal and here I am dreaming of them....?  Maybe a bigger deal that I think ;)

ps-I have weeks and weeks to apply......


Michèle Hastings said...

That cat vase is pretty neat. Of course I am partial to all things cat-like!

Barbara Rogers said...

Go go go, Gary!

bartster said...

The mailman in your dreams...that sounds very symbolic:) Love the cat vase!

smalltownme said...

I am intrigued by that cat vase.

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