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Sunday, June 28, 2015

equality and opportunity

You wonder what it takes for some to realize that it is the government's job to work for US, all citizens.
It has become common in recent years for a bullying "US vs. them" approach to politics, rather than a realization that politicians work for the people and not a few rich individuals or corporate interests.

In a conversation Thursday where I celebrated the fact that Obamacare survives and thrives with the Supreme Court's blessing, I was amazed at the other person's anger:  "THIS PRESIDENT crammed this down our throats and the next president will be a republican who will repeal it!"
(Crammed?  Work on universal health coverage began with Harry Truman in the 1940s...this is not new...)

No logic was given, just angry words.  Despite the fact that MY HEALTH insurance is Obamacare, and the person I was speaking with cares for me.  Am I an exception?  Is everybody else unworthy? Why is it OK for the military to have all the money it wants from citizens for protection but it is not OK for those same citizens, all of whom have health or sickness every day of their lives, to have the protection of health insurance?  Are public schools or police and fire departments available only to those who have a certain income or access?  Would we be better off if we had NO PUBLIC services at all?  Or do we sensibly realize we all work together for our mutual benefit and protection, which is an investment in making this a stronger and better nation? Better educated, healthier and able to be productive and tax-paying citizens.

I don't argue politics.  My only response, which took me 24 hours to formulate and I am only sharing with you is "I will forgive you for your views which were formed in the 1950s".

I suspect that Friday's ruling on marriage equality inspired that person to FAR HIGHER levels of indignation. Again, we are talking about citizens of the USA having access to the same rights as other citizens, not too complicated, really....


smartcat said...

But there is the other side, such as the woman who originally helped me set up my supplimentary ins. She thought Obamacare was the greatest thing to come along since social security. And many politicians have tried to get undermine or get rid of that!
I like to remind the naysayers that one sign of a developed, intelligent society is that it takes care of those who have less and are unable to care for themselves.
I do know individuals who will spend inordinate amounts of money on their pets but begrudge a few dollars to fund public programs.
And uhhhh, the president can't revoke laws. That's up to congress!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Bravo, Gary! Very well said. Thoughtful and sensible. I too have friends who seem to think that their rage really isn't directed at me when, in fact, it is. It's nice I suppose that they think highly of me, as your friend does of you, to not seem to want to lump me in with "those liberals" but in fact, lump away. I'm thrilled by the decisions this week and the new feeling in the country. It's a nice breath of fresh air.

bartster said...

My hope is that the momentum continues to build as there is a lot of healing and care that society and the world needs. The two Supreme Court decisions certainly provide a basis for hope!

knittergran said...

Right On!
I couldn't have said it better.

Barbara Rogers said...

Glad you're giving your opinions. They are shared by many others...and as I sat with several grateful friends yesterday, the comments included a new sense of relaxation of tensions, a sigh going out as things are feeling more like there is a chance for life to be good again, which has been absent for quite a long time, except as we've struggled for various issues for years now.

k.a. barnes said...

Amen! These same people who think Obamacare is overstepping government boundaries seem to have no problem with government invading women's personal lives & dictating our reproductive choices. Oh, you don't want healthcare crammed down your throat? But you're all for my boss being able to dictate whether or not I'm allowed to use contraception? Pure hypocrites.

Cassi said...

I have relatives who feel the way your friend feels. Despite the fact that their two kids are on welfare and need the ACA. I try not to interact with them, actually, because their ignorance makes me so mad.

Yay! for Obamacare and marriage equality :-)

Michèle Hastings said...

Right on Gary!
It's so very hard to not say anything to the negative thinking people. I have learned that I am very unlikely to change their minds.

Anonymous said...

For ALL the people...I agree with ALL my heart! There's a horrifying exclusion in a lot of the political views lately that I despise.

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