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Monday, June 29, 2015

strange bedfellows....

I was dreaming just now that I was visiting 2-3 other potters.  I respected their imagination and productivity but secretly didn't like their work much.  I imagined, in this dream, all of their work, and I wake up thinking:  "where did I travel to in order to see this, or did I invent it all?".  Because, do you see my point, otherwise I devised all of this work....and I don't like it much?  So like I say, maybe my brain left my head and went wandering, because why would I design and make (imaginary) work that I don't like.... or you could just say I'm nuts :)

We were up and out of bed Sunday, but not everybody got up.....and we have had SO MUCH rain, making most of the flowers pretty happy and the ducks too...have a great Monday!

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Barbara Rogers said...

Happy Monday to you too, Gary. Yep, your dream did bring me to thinking, and my conclusion? If you can dream like=dislike things, you're ahead of me by a mile.

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