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Saturday, June 6, 2015

teapots, hand-rolled smokes and open heart surgery....

(new teapot and cups by Gary Rith)
You will recall this teapot, made last week and shown before firing....I was walking the dog and got a very clear idea for a certain handle I had not made before and HUZZAH! Flippin' thing looks PERFECT.  This is why we get out of bed in the morning, to make things like this.... the 2 cups aren't really needed, but keep him company, right?

SO YES, the wife has been gone a couple of days, and I finished the  last of the icky jobs I put off until she is gone, mainly mixing glaze in the dungeon and the yearly cleaning of the garage. It didn't need "cleaning", like scrubbing with bleach,  because I don't plan to sleep out there, but a lot of stuff needs to go to the dump, and even more needed to be organized.  Like the snow tires, dumped in front of the entry, so that you could NOT  enter the garage without tripping over them. Sent those to the back of the garage WE WILL NOT BE NEEDING THEM for some time, thank you.....

And just to correct any misconceptions:  the wife and I are very close, but I don't travel :)  She is visiting various sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins and I say "be off with you, have a great time!!!"

OK, let's be flaky here:  I SWEAR I am psychic sometimes.  My dreams! I'll tell you about 2 of my dreams last night, so real I swear I was visiting somebody else's brain:  in one I was about to undergo open-heart surgery (and did not mind waking up from THAT one) and then a longer dream that I was part of a moving crew, carrying furniture and all, and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes with the guys... (ironic, some people use smokes they roll with their own papers and tobacco to save money, which of course is even MORE toxic...and there was me, smoking them too....) The dreams are so vivid and real that I am surprised to wake up and be me.

Have a great weekend!


Barbara Rogers said...

Your new handle design is absolutely fabulous, simply fabulous!

Michèle Hastings said...

That is a great handle. It's got the no slip grip!

JB said...

Awesome handle on the tea pot! Love the knob too!

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