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Friday, June 12, 2015

a CUPFUL of confessions...

(let's call these a FIRST draft--I am trying out 2 different cup competitions this summer, and this was my first idea, then I made a second set, and now I think version 3.0, fired next week, will be IT-new cups by Gary Rith)

I am turning off comment checker so you can roll here.  Confess something if you like! Share it in the comments!!!! GO FOR IT!  We want the tawdry, the pathetic, the cringe-inducing TRUTH.
I am on the road and back here Sunday, so need YOU to take over!

Confession:  I was just dreaming that I was with an old girlfriend....LONG ago, and showing her around the school where I taught in the 90s.  This GF was a very difficult personality and this was also a very difficult job...among other things, I coached cross country and track and I explained how grueling our training was (I was the assistant, tasked with the slow pokes of the runners THANK GOODNESS). My dream finished with me hollering at the highschoolers in the library study period, who were throwing things all over, including at me.... it was refreshing to wake up and find myself NOT with that GF or that job....


cm said...

Confession 1: Now that he's gardening, the old man has admitted that maybe the heirloom lilac he threw out when he moved me into his place wasn't dead after all.
Confession 2: It was almost a relief to not have the pressure of keeping it alive.

Barbara Rogers said...

Mmm, can't think of confessions. Do have compliments...I like the polkadot cup...and all the little dogs!

Lori Buff said...

Confession: I think I’ve been spending almost as much time with the guitar as I have with the clay.

Michèle Hastings said...

Confession: I play Candy Crush
(I am so ashamed)

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