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Monday, June 22, 2015

Minty Blue for Mugshot Monday....

(new pottery by gary Rith)

SO, like I have been saying, I am making some mugs and teapots for different competitions this summer.  I had some ideas of things I hadn't made before and have explored many of them.

I am nearly done.  BUT anyway, along the way I have been fiddling with my glazes.
You already know that fiddling with white and decoration is a new idea (see posts from the weekend just passed!) and this glaze just below is a new spring green celadon I looooooooove.  Yes. yet another green glaze.

WELL, along the way came the glaze shown in the mugs above.  We have a very pleasant light blue paint in our bathrooms.  Very close to a Tiffany or robin's egg blue.  I asked the guy we bought the house from what it was and he was pretty casual about it "OH, I don't know, just go to the paint store look for a nice minty blue".

I love it "MINTY BLUE".  Light blue with the tiniest shade of green in it.  I was talking with the wife about this and she said this GLAZE is more a minty blue than the bathrooms, and that is how a new glaze recipe gets named....

I am firing the kiln today.  With another glaze experiment in it. I used to say I have 18 glazes.  I have no idea how many now....


Barbara Rogers said...

A blue celadon seems wonderful, and minty blue for sure!

smalltownme said...

They are all so cute!

bartster said...

The colors do have a very fresh and invigorating quality to them. "Mint" seems a fitting description. Wow 18 glazes? That's a LOT of testing!

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