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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

when cats and dogs "HELP" and lazy apple pie

The wife is down at the salon 2 weeks ago getting the magic cut from Jackie and cracking up every minute because Jackie is FUNNY.  I should know, I go to Jackie too...tomorrow!
SO, somebody comes into the salon with 3 huge boxes "my apple tree is going nuts this year! Have some apples!" and the wife is like "I can take home one or 2 apples for my husband" being polite and modest and Jackie is like "NO, really, TAKE ONE OR TWO BOXES".  So the wife brings home a box full of, get this, 126 apples.

Alright, but you know me, I am making apple things every day, right?  And I have used all but the last 11, which I plan to cook up Thursday.  Lots of apple sauce and apple crisp for breakfast everyday, apple crisp for guests, and NOW?  The wife tells me she wants to make a pie.  But, well, everybody is busy and I say "hey, lookit this recipe (click here!), it is apple crisp with topping over and UNDER the apples" and the wife admits "as long as there is something under the apples, it is like pie!"
and I respond "sort of like lazy apple pie, right?  Takes ten minutes not ALL DAY" and it IS brilliant and delicious.  Today I am going through my recipes (really!) and getting rid of my other apple crisp recipes.  The brilliance of this recipe is that the apples make juice, right?  When they bake?  The lower layer soaks that up while the top gets crisp MMMMMMMMM :)
(disclaimer:  it is NOT like apple pie, but it is delicious!)

In other news, I was making cat and dog cups in the studio and I must NOT have latched the door correctly because those who are not allowed in the studio...came in and made themselves comfortable....


~ Sil in Corea said...

Crisp sounds great!
Those little rascals! Boxes and cats, they just go together, don't they? ;-)

Barbara Rogers said...

Guess who knows you love em! They are part of your inspiration after all!

bartster said...

Not quite "Bring your child to work" day, is it? Penny and Spike look as though they are enjoying themselves!

Michèle Hastings said...

thanks for sharing the recipe, I pinned it on pinterest to save for later. I wish our apple trees had been abundant this year :-(

Catherine said...

Thanks for the recipe! The cat and dog mugs are really cute!

smartcat said...

Ah! Those little helpers.....they're always on hand to lend a paw!
That's a good pie recipe.....yum!

Anonymous said...

That's a blessing--to get so many apples!
cute visitors in your studio.

smalltownme said...

Spike's all ready for his photo.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

126 apples!!!! I am SO jealous! I am hoping to bring some apples back with me from MN (they just grown them better up north) so I can make apple butter. I'll have to try this new crust under/over apple crisp too! I also have an caramel apple bar recipe that I need to try. I just need a day off!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lazy apple pie? SOUNDS awesome. You certainly can use the produce like a pro. Spike is so funny....he is always in the middle of the action; smart cat!

Caroline said...

You couldn't possibly get cross with those adorable beagle eyes looking at you.

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