The wife is writing 25 random things about herself Saturday...and, well, it gets me thinking.  She has only HERSELF to blame that I spent Sunday breakfast NOT talking to her at the table, but scribbling 25 notes instead.

I challenge YOU:  go to comments, give us 3 quick random things about yourself, and if you are REALLY on the ball, tell us you are gonna go to your own blog and make it 5, 10, 15, 25, whatever, random things about yourself!  The world wants to KNOW!
So here is my list of 25 random things about myself....and down below, let's have some pound cake too, hmmm?

1) I think pigs are hilarious and cute.  BIG SURPRISE.
2) I love teapots.  But tea?  A distant second to strong coffee.
3)  I am a very lazy housecleaner--I like it clean, but get bored cleaning the house VERY quickly.
5)  I listen to Celtic and country music every Sunday, but ONLY on Sunday  and

6) I have the friendliest cat, really! He was known as the friendliest cat at the shelter the whole time he was there, and we were the lucky ones who had the home for him.
7)  pineapple:  my favorite!  Put me on a desert island with pineapple and peanut butter and I am SET.
8) I like to run, but am the slooooowest of my friends--first mile to last, exactly the same slow speed, but hey, I am moving!  We ran Sunday afternoon...gale force wind, snow, below zero with wind chill, the most miserable run of my life, but a fun time with my buddies :)
9)  Performance today is my afternoon date every day.  Live classical music!
10)  I love applesauce, apple pie, apple jam, YES, apples and spice rival or exceed my love of pineapple.

11)  I usually have oatmeal and...applesauce for breakfast number 1.  After the morning run is breakfast number 2, usually pb and j.
12)  I like to doodle and draw but like so many things I do I have no technical skill or training or patience for it.  But I DO have fun!
13)  Bike = spring = JOY!
14) I love tidy food like calzones and burritos--the whole meal wrapped up nicely!
15)  I love visiting the Maine coast.  We honeymooned there in a castle 20 some years ago
and when we lived in New Hampshire, a short hour's drive away, we visited York beach and Kittery and Ogunquit all the time.  I miss it and look forward to being a millionaire and going back...
16) As some of you know I am a Quaker.  The wife came with me once to her first meeting for worship and told me later "you hadn't mentioned that we sat in silence...for an hour".  OOOPS! There is a certain quiet humility that you admire in Quakers.  I wish I had it!  I try to be more calm and quiet, something to strive for!

17)  I am currently reading "Restoration" by Rose Tremain
It is so good, when she has her character eat apple fritters, I WANT to eat apple fritters (see my post and recipe fr0m a couple of days ago about apple fritters), AND the pound cake seen below.  Good literature is so inspiring!
18) When it is 12 degrees and my dog is dawdling over smells on the path, I am NOT patient...
19) I like using my own pots the best.  It is not narcissitic but experimenting with my work, thinking about it.  I think about what I am creating all the time, and using my own work is part of that.  Other potters' work sits in places of honor upon the shelf.
20) First time I met the woman who would become my wife, she was SO PRETTY I could not look her in the eye.  I stuttered out a quick greeting and ran off.  Luckily, our paths crossed again later...
21)  I ignore the cat when he gets hungry and weaves around my feet meowing pitieously and grabbing my hand..until it is actually the time to feed him.
22)  Is there anything better than cinnamon?
23)  There are times I think New Order embodies the very best of all 70-80s new wave music
24) Maybe Talking heads  Remain in Light, Prince's Purple Rain and Rolling Stones Some Girls are my 3 favorite albums of all time BUT Led Zeppelin gets my blood pumping
25)  My wife makes me so happy.  I am so fortunate!

and now, as the wife said when she did this "Now I can write anything I want!" as if the whole thing was not, you know, anything you want ...
Bonus:  26)  I like chardonnay.  That doesn't make make me seem like a wimp?  A yuppie??? A METROSEXUAL????
PS--27) I am ashamed to admit that I have a big bureau holding my tee shirt collection, including one drawer full of 2-3 dozen Life is Good tee shirts....

Like I was saying, Rose Tremain's book is so enjoyable, she has me wanting to make some of the food in it. She mentions her characters love of LARDY CAKE, which I took to be a type of pound cake.  I looked up vegan pound cake, came across the link below and oh MY it baked up tasty and wonderful!  Lardy cake is actually a little different from pound cake as it turns out, I discovered later (who cares!).