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Sunday, February 24, 2013

gnomes: the final chapter!

Alright, so as you have heard me tiresomely say for several days, I had an order for a LOT of gnome mugs, based upon somebody's internet search....she had come across gnome mugs I made 6 years ago.  So I made soooo many, some pictured here.
Me and gnomes?  I think they are a very funny joke.  I have made sculptures of Godzilla eating gnomes and other sculpture of gnomes making rude gestures.  But some people, you know, like them in the way that I like pigs or frogs, as simply a cute item.
I was remembering last week approx. 33+ years ago, a BIG hit, a HUGE book bestseller...GNOMES.  I never owned the book beofre but remembered seeing it everywhere, with good reason! It is beautifully illustrated and a funny "scientific" look at gnomes.  I found it online for a few bucks, a totally clean and new has amused me to read the book now, still funny and even more beautiful than I remember.  It is a little old fashioned in that Mr Gnome gets to wander off every day and do as he pleases and Mrs Gnome gets to stay home and clean diapers....


bartster said...

'sup gnomes? No I don't think that'll make it into the urban lexicon. The blue glaze is very striking!

Barbara Rogers said...

So cute. And Penny, bless her heart, is thinking where's a godzilla when I need one to eat this hat and let me go play? Great blue glaze...oh barster already said that. Well, me too. I actually read that book sometime.

Michèle Hastings said...

Whenever I think of gnomes, the French film "Amelie" comes to mind...
I do remember that book too!

Momma Fargo said...

So your gnome mugs are very cute. I do have to say that gnomes scare me and I think they are creepy, but I absolutely love your Godzilla eating a gnome. That is my favorite piece thus far, I believe!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I used to have that book! I wonder what happened to it? Probably in a box in my parent's basement with my troll dolls. Cute mugs!

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