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Sunday, February 3, 2013

now the cat can hang over my shoulder at dinner like a vulture...

You will recall yesterday I said the cat broke his window perch...which had been behind my spot at the kitchen table.  I moved his scratching post over there.  Now he is higher.  And right behind my shoulder as I eat.  What was I thinking?????

Above you see my new Disney store Mickey thermal tee....those guys at Disney are smart, sending me the message "60 percent off sale, plus we love you Gary, take an extra 15 percent off!" and I am THERE....this thing was only like 5 bucks!  Wait till you see the other Mickey tee I also got... *

*OK, sure, I have a famous tee shirt collection, and well, TRUE, my drawers are STUFFED.

Below the cat in my robot robe wife the wife made me for Christmas, and I was telling her yesterday "I made blueberry pancakes, you have to get a photo!!!!!".... Spike waiting for HIS breakfast... and like I said, I gave self that Godzilla mug...mmm, tasty...

I see these 2 cat mugs come out of the kiln, my absolute favorite color combos in a pair (at the moment...and maybe you noticed already, considering yesterday's piggy banks) and I am like "pffft, so pretty, NOBODY CAN HAVE THEM! (insert maniacal laugh here)" and then, of course, I sniff and its like
"WELL OK, if a customer begged, they would be, like, double price...."*

 *this is silly BS, of I am a retailer and I canNOT keep everything....but, well.....

My best pal Stev0 was over yesterday for the running....good golly winter running is know we do this so everybody thinks we are then we have a beer, the real reason anybody runs....

Finally, you forget how pretty winter can be.  Quite a sunrise over our neighbor's stream Saturday, hmm? Ten hands got cold, but hey....
happy Sunday!


~ Sil in Corea said...

Happy Groundhog's Day (aka Imbolc) to you and Maude, Spike the Vulturous and Penny the Lovable Licker\Kisser.

Shortstuff said...

You've been BUSY! Fixing Spike's perch, making pots, ordering t's, running AND making blueberry pancakes? No grass is growing on Gary!

smalltownme said...

Great place for Spike!

Becky Brown said...

I now picture you eating terrified, with Spike menacing over you, breathing on your neck and saying mean things. Ack!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Spike is very friendly, but, well, he DOES have a big appetite :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

LOVE the new cat mugs! AWESOMENESS x2 and no doubt someone will be begging soon. (I'm surprised that Smalltown Me didn't make a grab for them!)
I also love the teapot in your header with the dinosaur -- such a winsome expression he is sporting.

Mmmmmm.... blueberry pancakes.

Hilary said...

That last photo is just beautiful.. what pretty colouring from the sun. Spike's perch over your shoulder is a hoot.

Knight said...

Gary, that cat design is brilliant and beautifully simplistic. Those could fly off shelves!

Knight said...

Gary! Those cat mugs are brilliant! It's such a beautiful and simplistic design. They could really fly off the shelves!

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