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Monday, February 25, 2013

call for comments: chasin' away the Monday blues...

"4:17?" You ask?
Yes. My wonderful beagle was kinda "GAKgakgakittyGAK" in bed and, well, at least she gakked on the floor.  So, here I am.
I had been dreaming that I was slicing open a vicious and toothy fish, gutting it, and trying to stuff it with rice and cream of mushroom soup and bake it into a casserole for dinner.  The wife and I were trying not to GAK ourselves (remember;  we have been vegetarian a long time, and I never liked fish!).
So its no surprise I awoke to the dog ACTUALLY gakking....

We need to improve our day!  Take ourselves to the happy place, the mental vacation!
Name 3 places in 3 sentences that you have LOVED visiting, favorites!!!!
I'll go first.

1.  I talked here the other day, about how the wife and I honeymooned in a castle on Maine's coast (it was for sale last year!).
2.  I have a favorite shell from a beach at a state park in the Florida Keys on the way to Key West, too bad more of Florida isn't so beautifully preserved!
3. Last fall, many of you will remember we went on a road trip to see herman Melville's house in Massachusetts...and hike to hidden waterfalls in the Berkshire Mountains.

GO TO COMMENTS and tell everybody YOUR 3 favorite visits!  Blog it too!

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kate and jim said...

I've probably been to the same State Park in the Florida Keys as you, Gary, on the way to KEY WEST! It's so beautiful there. I also love the beach in West Haven, CT although it's on the LI sound, but I spent many a happy summer there at my Aunt and Uncle's home. We also love visiting in our own backyard the Shawangunk Mtns. Great for hiking, biking, fantastic views.

smartcat said...

Is it the Full Moon? It must be the full moon. Winterpup woke me predawn with barking and howling as though starship troopers were coming over the hill. I felt like I levitated off the mattress!

Three things that are special:

1. My first trip so San Francisco. I am no longer a city mouse but I felt immediately at home.

2. Same trip, climbing the steps to Coit Tower and seeing the wild parrots. One of those magic moments where remembering the parrots in Sex In The City and reality overlapped.

3. Only about a mile from here, but a walk through the woods to the beaver pond and finding them out and swimming around.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

1. Seeing the ocean for the first time, at a beach in Tillamook, OR. It was on the only real vacation my husband and I have ever taken on our own.

2. Mount Rushmore, which we saw on our way to the west coast. Sounds cheesy, but I loved it more than I ever imagined I could.

3. The incredible waterfalls in Marinette County in Wisconsin. Totally amazing and stunning. They are just 1 1/2-2 hours away from where I've lived all my life, but I didn't even know they existed until last summer. I was 31 years old!

Laura said...

What a fun way to start my day: appreciating great travel experiences I have had!

1-Swimming in the cenote Ik Kil on the Yucatan Peninsula in Sept. 2011-- it felt like I was in Fern Gully!! The water was absolutely perfect.

2- Hiking in Horseshoe Canyon when I was on a school trip in the Soutwest and seeing ancient Puebloan rock art up close!

3- When I was 15, I went on a guided teen outdoor adventure trip through Europe and during one portion of it, we climbed in the Alps. We struggled to reach the peak and when we finally got there-- above the cloud line!-- we all collapsed and ate tomato sandwiches and were exhausted. Then on the way down, we saw Swiss and French families casually strolling up the mountain and we felt a lot less cool. But I still climbed the Alps!!

Lori Buff said...

Gosh, I have a loooong list. The top 3 may change depending on my mood, what I'm remembering...

1. Italy (I know, it's cheating because it's so vast but it's also impossible to chose).

2. Badlands, South Dakota - one of the coolest places on earth.

3. Bash Bish Falls as mentioned in the article you linked to.

Barbara Rogers said...

Favorite trips...and you want to limit it to 3! I started thinking chronologically, then geographically. Whow this is hard. Have to say my 10,000 mile trek in the 70's camping all over the country in a van with my sons. Arriving at one place? Mt. Mitchell, NC, which I repeat yearly (you can drive most of the way, which us elders like). Cape San Blas in Florida. Or maybe Cumberland Island, Georgia...beaches with dunes that are mostly deserted. My last birthday with all my family together in FL. (That one wasn't the place but the company)

Michèle Hastings said...

1. Flying with my brother in his vintage Piper Cub over the Matanuska Valley Glacier in Alaska. Absolutely breathtaking!

2. Hiking the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of NH. A 3 day hike that includes 7 mountains over 4000 ft. and a few minor summits as well. I was in my 30's and in much better shape than I am in now!!

3. Climbing the large pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico. When I got to the top I didn't think I would be able to climb down! They no longer let tourists climb the pyramid... too many people have fallen.

I love your yellow glaze, makes me think of buttercups and warm weather.

smalltownme said...

In no particular order:
San Francisco is always a favorite place to visit because I lived there when I was very young.
I adore the short, fragrant hike through a canyon of laurel trees to a local waterfall.
Oh, there are too many others. I can't think right now!

Momma Fargo said...

I would love to visit the places you went. They sound divine! I loved the Biltmore estate in Ashville, NC...visiting Gene Porter-Stratton's places and the Limberlost swamp in Indiana...and my favorite place..hiking the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

Love the pigs and elephants!

bartster said...

We've been many places--hope we get to see more. The ones where I felt the most at peace: PEI a couple of years ago-Maine about a dozen years ago--Salzburg Austria thirty years ago, along the river. I'll never forget a sunset where I saw swans take flight over the river. That said...we walk our neighborhood and see wonderful things all the time--Friday night we were treated to a sunset with a color palette unlike any I've seen.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oooh what a fun and great idea. I'm making a list of places to go from the responses so far. Here goes:

1.) Yosemite! We went back country camping/backpacking and it was glorious. Just like being in an Ansel Adams photo.

2.) Canoeing in the Boundary Waters on the Minnesota Canada border. SO peaceful and gorgeous. It's my happy place. (and for a bonus, you get to go to sleep listening to loons!)

3.)New York City. I love it there. I would love to be able to visit on an unlimited budget. (Same goes for San Francisco)

JB said...

Just wanted to say that I love the dog and puppy in your opening photo. Too cute for words!

Janet said...

OMG, I KNEW it was the full moon making Wolf all weird last night and this morning!

I'm playing along on my blog, thanks for the idea, Gary!

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