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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

speaking of favorites....

You hear me, perhaps becoming rather DULL AND BORING, listing favorites and plans here in 2013... I have a sudden obsession with organization.  I am compelled to list favorites!
Yesterday I am walking the dog, and suddenly the list of favorite drinks comes to mind (you will recall a couple of weeks ago mentioning listing favorite hot sauces and teas and coffee.)
And being the obsessive-compulsive person that I am, the idea came in a tidy little list 4-3-2-1

Gary's list of favorite drinks to keep around the house (does not include explorations beyond the list, just a base, a touchstone! Underlined ones being the best daily option)
4-Brooklyn lager cans, Sierra Nevada cans, Heiniken (regular or dark), Stella big cans (note I am quite specific)
3-Gentleman Jack, Bushmills, Johnny Walker Red
2-Ecco Domani and Folonari Italian Pinot grigios
1- Freixnet sparkling (need to get some of that, perhaps, and chill it for 2/14, hmm?)

OK, so you snobs are all like "oh that Gary, such ordinary tastes, so cheap!". But the point of this list, you see, is to mark the day to day favorites, right? Sadly, these days, you can spend a BOATLOAD on booze at the store, so my point is what gives me the most bang for the buck and experiment at other times.
Like 3 breakfast favorites.
1-blueberry pancakes
2-scones with blueberries
3-blueberry muffins

I guess I like...blubes... :)
1-peanut butter and jam on anything
2-a burrito made out of anything, including peanut butter and jam

Anyway, in comments you can list some of your favorites TOO!

But the real point here is FAVORITE POTS.  I told you last week about trying a quilted decorating pattern on items for a customer, and making ten, blah blah.  I remade the ten so I could have some of them around, but changed one of the glaze schemes from all red to blue inside.

I love those mugs so much I had to take a picture of self with them.
Then I looked at this bunch of pots on the shelf, and I said "I love these TOO! It would make a nice shot...

BUT, of course, whenever I make a list, I want to try something NEW, and you can see I have some ideas going on here in this vase below...

I love monster mugs too, of course....

Finally, a picture I took of my Yogi tea thing yesterday, a robot doodle by me and a thimble that says Grace.
Grace: appreciate yourself and honor your soul....something to keep in mind :)
Have a great day!


Shortstuff said...

Good morning sunshine. I love your happy disposition. Like the new pot with the creative design on it.

Lori Buff said...

At least you're not drinking really lousy tasting inexpensive drinks.
Cute vase, I love the guy peaking out from under the quilting.

Michèle Hastings said...

the new "quilted" mugs are very nice!
There is nothing wrong with a good tasting cheap wine... but I do draw the line with beer in cans. It has to be bottled for me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite drink? Anything served to me that I don't have to pay for. Actually I like a nice crisp Pinot Grigeo it always reminds me of warm afternoons in the gazebo watching the Hummingbirds feed. I never pay more than $10 for a bottle and almost always buy on sale. Did I mention I'm frugal?


smartcat said...

Those are some fine mugs you have there!

For favorite things I just look around me. In no particular order:

1. The SodaStream Proge gave me for Christmas

2. Barefoot Wines most especially Pinots and extra dry Champagne.

3. Gentleman Jack; Remy Martin VSOP

4. Lemon, lime, raspberry, pecans, almonds

5. Good white chocolate (the cheap stuff tastes like soap)

6. Pottery.....lots and lots

7. Fresh fruit/ dried fruit....blueberries, sour cherries, apricots..but no sugar please.

The Heffalump set was a perfect size for tea during a storm.

Momma Fargo said...

Well, I think your drink choices are rather good. LOL. Add some 90 Shilling with la la. Love love the monster mugs! What fun!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I hate bottles of beer and love cans and I hate corks and love screw top wine :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'd drink more wine if it was all in screw-top bottles -- the corkscrew defies my understanding. On the other hand, I wouldn't get to use my Rith original piggy corker for my Cupcake (Red Velvet)wine (currently $8 at Costco) if it was a screw-top bottle. So there's that.
My dh drinks cardbo[x]neaux. THAT is cheap wine. Blech. (I'm almost ashamed to admit drinking it on occasion.) He claims he can't taste the difference between it and a $15 bottle.

Favorite beverages to have on-hand? The Red Velvet Cupcake wine, an inexpensive Chardonnay, some Crystal Light Lemonade made up in the fridge (always), and water from our tap. Spokane water is EXCELLENT. And there is always coffee and Asian Green Tea with Jasmine at my house. In hot weather I prefer some Miller Lite or Miller Chill. (Keeping my brother in a job there!)
I esp. like that red quilted mug with the darker base and your vase idea is looking GOOD.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

First, I love the fact that someone would have her name (and such a nice one as Grace) on a thimble.

Favorites - yes!
1.) bourbon! woodford reserve, knob creek if we're being fancy, otherwise Maker's Mark.
2.) wine! - Apothic Red ($8 at for you costco people!), King's Estate Pinot Gris, Dynamite Cab, The Show.
3.) Fancy wine - Any Red Zinfandels by Ridge or Rombauer. Yummy but a little spendy.
4.) Champagne, Prosecco, bubbly of all sorts as long as it is nice and dry. Korbel is my go to brand.

Mostly, I drink water. On rare occasions I'll have a diet ginger ale. When I want something fizzy, I put a fresh lime in some tonic water but regular old water is my go to beverage.

This is probaby WAY more than you ever wanted to know. ha ha!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm digging the quilted stuff as well as the minty green; tres' beautiful!
I have favorites too.
Ok, mostly any kind, I never spend too much on it. Maybe 8-15 bucks? Ecco is always good.
The Coach likes Stella in the bottle, but hardly drinks. So, yeah, I drink alone. :)
Happy friday!!

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