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Monday, June 4, 2012

the usual disaster in the making...

We started tomato seeds a few weeks ago.  Wait.  The wife did.  My basil is now dead.  But we have the wife's tomato plants, and as I said, Kerry gave us some tomato plants.  Today is (roughly) the planting moon.  It is also, predictably, amazingly cold and rainy, likely to stay that way for days....but, hey, I am a hero! I dug and created raised beds for the wife and filled them with compost.  Our tomato plants will die a comfortable death this summer.....*
This frog was like
"forget it guys, go inside and make those chocolate cookies you were talking about" **

*In 20 summers together me and the wife have planted tomato plants every year.  ONE YEAR we even got tomatoes. Put the blame on me. I wish I could garden, but I CANNOT.  Luckily I am good in bed and charming as hell....***
**cookies posted Tuesday, yaaaaay! I am so good at making cookies!
*** I mean, in bed?  I don't snore, steal the covers, drool.....I am better behaved than the beagle and the oversized cat!


Cheryl said...

Oh you made me laugh!

smalltownme said...

LOL over the better behaved part! I have a brown thumb but tomatoes are the one plant I can grow reliably.

smartcat said...

You remind me of my mother who thought it was a victory if she got three tomatoes from a plant. Newly married, first garden I decided I had to plant A LOT of plants if I wanted some to freeze etc. That was when I discovered that I can grow tomatoes. We had tomato sauce, tomato-vegetable juice, tomato jam, green tomato chutney and gave a ton away.

Take heart and make pottery tomatoes.

k.a. barnes said...

I realized this morning that my little tomato plants had an inch of so of standing water in them. They'll be lucky if they survive me! But pottery tomatoes, you may want to think about that...

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