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Monday, June 4, 2012

on Monday morning my head feels like it is stuffed with:

I swear its true, Monday is something to be reckoned with isn't it?  Its just plain, well, MONDAY.
My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton, literally, except I am imagining a pretty green olive with a red pimento.
Do me a favor, go to comments and fill in this sentence!
on Monday morning my head feels like it is stuffed with:

(new cups and saucers by Gary Rith)


Mr. Young said...

Residual student whining from last week ...

smartcat said...


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...


Barbara Rogers said...

that paper from the bottom of a bird cage...which is related to the taste in my mouth of course! Love those piggies on saucers!

smalltownme said...

Cat hair. Wait, that's probably because they're jumping on me trying to get me to feed them.

Michèle Hastings said...

ideas that i should execute in clay during the coming week.

cool cups and saucers, i really like the wavy rims.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmm, thanks, I am in the mood to make a lot of cups-saucers with pigs, in the middle of firing more :) keep those awesome comments coming!

Lori Buff said...


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Schedules and thoughts and OMGosh, I ordered and PAID for those medical records to be sent here last fall! What do you mean they aren't here!?!?

Joe Troncale said...

My Monday brain is filled with the shadows of the week-end and the dawning of work and relationships that need all the attention that I can muster.

Reverend Awesome said...


Corinne Tyo said...

on monday morning, my head feels like it is stuffed with: one ping-pong ball. bouncing around like it does when you completely miss and you just can't catch it.

Cheryl said...

Cotton balls...and I LOVE these mugs!!

~ Sil in Corea said...

left-over oatmeal with flies walking on its congealed surface.

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