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Friday, June 8, 2012

filthy thoughts....

(cups and saucers by ME!)
It is a lifestyle choice:  I really love cups and saucers.  I am trying to show a progression here, of fancy little sets and where my thinking is going...

HA! In other news:  The wife goes out of town to see the aunt, and I clean the garage!  Please do not think of me as virtuous, I AM NOT.  The wife is, well, a little tender hearted about junk, and sorting junk. I can be ruthless.  Our garage gets messy all winter and finally needs a little shaping and organizing, right?  ****
The photo shows the before and after.  Our community is big on free signs out front of your place on the curb.  Very little of what I did Thursday ended up in the trash or recycling, but A LOT ended up on the curb with the free sign.  A guy showed up with a pickup just as I was finishing, and he and his little kids took the whole mess, BLESS HIM, he said they could play with it.  It is possible that I will be driving down the road Saturday and see all that crapola at his garage sale and I DO NOT CARE if he makes 25 bucks off that stuff or whatever.  Gone.  Nice and tidy.
Before and after picks below.  Believe me a)  it IS cleaner and very well organized and b) NO I did not paint my garage with stripes, the last owner did :)

**** I lay it on thick about the wife and junk, in jest.  She is a very clean and tidy person, but, well, has a harder time getting rid of things than me (like, with her gone, its like "when is somebody going to make the bed?  Who is going to sharpen my pencils???? OH, I guess it will have to be me for a change).  AND I will admit that much of the junk in the garage is either  my display for fairs or numerous scrounged bags of bubble wrap for shipping :)


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

My garage is the same way...only more so. Unfortunately I can't blame it on the frau. I am supposed to be cleaning and organizing the whole mess some time. We'll see when that actually happens.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Good for you getting rid of some stuff....I bet she prefers for you to rid of it than her. I get sentimental too.
Anything we put by the road is gone in a minute that!

Michèle Hastings said...

let me try this again... blogger ate the last comment

I hate tackling jobs like that, but it feels so good when it is done. BRAVO!

smalltownme said...

The closets are my bete noir. And I only have myself to blame.

Lori Buff said...

You can come clean my basement when you're done.

Emily SIL said...

The angel arrived in a pickup truck. Wish I could get him to come to NYC!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am like you and try to tackle it often enough that it doesn't get out of control. There's enough junk even when you're not a packrat!

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