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Saturday, January 7, 2012

NEW reader's poll:

Whoa. The reader's poll a couple of days ago was super popular! So let's do another!!!!

Alright, as you see, last night I am choosing between the PENGUIN PJs or the BEAR PJs which gets me thinking:

What is my favorite zoo animal?
I begin thinking zebra, because the patterns are so pretty, and I remember the elephants in Chicago--they would get mad and fling basketball sized bits of poo at people, although my favorite at that zoo was the tiny little arctic fox...who seemed to sleep a lot....
Then, of course, taking out our 2 dogs, its like "what is my favorite dog type?" or pet.....
Dogs. Penny is adorable and loving, but not especially angelic. Our old lab mix Buster has always been so good, and he has that mellow mixed breed outlook. I would say lab mix dogs are probably the best type, if I am guessing, although me and the wife are attracted to these stubborn and cute little hounds....
MY PJs? I went with the penguins. The wife's favorite. I have black too. Then, of course, there could always be commando, but it is flippin' FREEZING all winter, so you see me in layers, even scarf and hat at the breakfast table.... (those of you in Florida or Cali probably canNOT imagine wearing a wool hat and scarf to breakfast while the heat warms up, can you?)
Please go to comments and answer, OK? You can copy and paste this.

My favorite zoo animal is the
My favorite dog type or pet is
TODAY Gary should wear his _______ PJs (or go commando?) and I _______.


jean said...

My favorite zoo animal is the elephant.
My favorite pet is the one I'm dog sitting right now. He is a large breed mix of shepherd, collie, golden and several other breeds.
And I think Gary should wear the pi's with the bears. While I will be in my plush red robe with sweat pants and a t-shirt. It's the red robe that makes the outfit!

Tonya Lynn said...

My favorite zoo animal is the Penguins!
My favorite dog type or pet is lab (or mixed lab)
TODAY Gary should wear his Penguin PJs (or go commando?) and I have no idea what I will be wearing - something that is clean.

jim said...

amigo, giraffe at the zoo and mongrel for the dog. i don't really feel strongly about the third question.

Michèle Hastings said...

My favorite zoo animal is the chimpanzee
My favorite dog type or pet is: my favorite pet is my cat sophie, if i had a dog again it would be a corgi.
TODAY Gary should wear his penguin PJs (or go commando?) and I pink with white polka dots.

Wednesday said...

1. Pink Flamingos
2. Favorite Pet type: cats. Favorite Dog type: mixed breed, although my parents have the loveliest German Shepherd, so that would be a close second.
3. Gary should wear the polar bears and I am wearing a green sweat suit.

Matt Sutkoski said...

My favorite zoo animal is an elephant, but don't read into it that I support the GOP. Don't.

Favorite dog breed is now a cocker spaniel. It wasn't my favorite breed until I got one. Jackson is a joy

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Sea otter! Shelty! Penguins! Today I have to work, so I guess I'll wear jeans. :)

cm said...

Sorry I missed the last poll, this whole working thing is really cutting into my internet time. Anyway...

My favourite zoo animal is the muskox, simply because it's such a great word and most people don't get too thrilled by them, which is sad 'cause they're pretty cool.

My favourite dog breed is stuffed. ;-)

Go Bears! Hee I am still in my flannel bottoms and waffle weave top but will get dressed before leaving the house. Promise.

smartcat said...

Favorite zoo animal....hmmm....giraffes (today)

Favorite dog or pet...not breeds but personality...sort of crazy and affectionate..ex: Irish Wolfhound who thinks he is a lap dog, a Shepherd who thinks she can fly....cats who suddenly carom off walls and race from one end of the house to the others.

Wear the penguins! I have on blue pants with Santa polar bears, red fleece jacket and slippers....and no a hat an scarf are not unusual in the morning.

~ Sil in Corea said...

Zoo critters? Lemurs, cute with big eyes! Dog, best one was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but a collie-shepherd cross is a close second. I like the penguins. Are they flannel?
I'm wearing funky old faded-rose (used to be cranberry-red) pants (with fuzzy tights under) and a thick green cotton shirt, plus wool socks!

Susan as Herself said...

Zoo animal: Lions (or other Big Cats)
Favorite pet: cat
Favorite dog breed/type: black lab or husky or corgi (we had a black lab when I was very small)
Gary should wear the bears pjs. I will be wearing a red flannel nightie and fuzzy thick socks.

Shortstuff said...

My favorite zoo animal is any animal in a natural enclosure. I hate seeing animals in cages.
My favorite dog type or pet is a yellow lab. We had a wonderful one until 2 years ago. I miss him still.
TODAY Gary should wear his favorite PJs and not go commando and I will wear some cool jammies since I get hot at night.

Anonymous said...

Of course the elephant, fav dog Jack Russell, wear the penguin pi's.. .. I have my "cat in the hat" pj's!
Have a great day ;o)

Unknown said...

My favorite zoo animal is the Wart Hogs, they are wild, creative with their digging, and energetic.
My favorite dog type or pet is of course "Bratty Ratties"
TODAY Gary should wear both pairs PJs (bears underneath penguins saggin style) and I am wearing my ladybugs....

Busy Bee Suz said...

My favorite zoo animal is the....can you believe I don't have a favorite zoo animal? Sad!
My favorite dog type or pet is....of course the boxers! I do love labs and lab mixes, but dang, they have SO much hair to clean up!
TODAY Gary should wear his Penguin!!! PJs! and I am wearing yoga pants and flip flops!!!

Happy Saturday!

Gallow said...

Elephant, lab mix, Marvin Martian PJs. "The Earth is destroying my view of Venus."

smalltownme said...

River otters.
Can I say cats? I do like my father-in-laws dachsie/beagle mix.
Penguins for Gary, and me - a choice of pink or blue thermals.

cookingwithgas said...

The otters- i love the otters!
WE had goats and I still miss them!
TODAY Gary should wear his _Clothes!______ PJs or for bedtime.
I am one of those people who does not get the look of PJ's at the store or any where outside the house- makes me think they are just lazy....
and about those collards- you can't judge if you don't bite- just one tiny bite...

Anonymous said...

I prefer a cat (less work) but a lab mix is indeed a wonderful dog.
It's my birthday so you should wear BLUE in my honor. With fuzzy socks.

red dirt girl said...

My favorite zoo animal is the gazelle!!
My favorite dog type or pet is probably a lab mix ... but I do love my curmudgeonly mini-dachsie. My brindled greyhound mix is TOO smart and TOO skittish to be a comfort!
TODAY Gary should wear his penguins - yeah!
I am wearing my stripes and little blue whales pj's.

Commando only for that special someone ;)


C. Tyo said...

I realize I'm a few days late, but I couldn't resist.
My favorite zoo animal is the elephant or giraffe
My favorite dog type or pet is: I have a couple answers. My favorite pet of mine will always and forever be Tasha, my old dog from my childhood. Currently living, it's a tie between Tank, my aunt and uncle's adorable, crazy dog and Crosby, the new fish inhabiting my new room signifying the new phase in my life I am entering.
TODAY Gary should wear his bears PJs (or go commando?) and I am wearing my linen pants I got in london cause they are super comfy and while huge, they don't make me look huge. and a green sweater from Old Navy

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