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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"....white wedding...." and boring the heck out of you

Bore you to tears...whenever a potter starts talking about kilns and glazes, people are bored to tears.
WELL, I will keep it short--remember I mentioned yesterday, I got a new (to me!) kiln? I was fiddling around with the old one and it was in worse condition than I thought, so I was "to the garage with thee!" and dragged it out of the studio, installing the new (to me!) kiln in its place. Soooooo tidy :) Then I had a few pots sitting around, and I was like "they give me 7 days to return the kiln if it is broken, lets do a bisque firing....and dang, it went in 3 hours! (usually 8-10 hours). It seems to work fine :) I will have to slow the bisque firing in the future, but that is a good test, glaze firing test today.
In other news, the weather is slightly crapola, but totally average for January. The wife holds by the idea: the weather in the first 12 days of the year stands for the weather for each month of the year. So, for example, 1/1 was VERY MILD...therefore overall, a mild January. Yesterday, 1/3 was cold and blustery, therefore, a cold March, get it????
In more other news, what is Spike helping the wife with down at the sewing table? Surely NOT a white wedding dress? (no!)

Speaking of white always love how videos from our youth are so over the top, indeed....


Capital M said...

No white wedding dress would be worthy without cat hair on it!

Michèle Hastings said...

kiln talk never bores ME! 3 hours... wow. when we replaced the elements on mine it took off like a rocket. now we keep the switches on low for a long time and it doesn't need to go on high until the last hour or two. at least you didn't blow anything up!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Looks mighty chilly in that first photo. I love that Maude sews on an old sewing machine. Somewhere in my parents' basement, we have 2 of grandma's old sewing machines that look just like that but I've never tried to sew on them. I even use an old iron Singer sewing machine base as a table in our house. Maybe it's a Missouri thing. :)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oh, and even though I'm the farthest that you can get from a potter (unless paint your own plate places count...and I suspect that they do not), I find kiln and glaze talk quite interesting. The new kiln looks very cool.

smartcat said...

Glad to see that Spike is a Helper Cat.

I am nerdy enough to enjoy kiln talk. What temp di you fire to? Three hours sounds really fast. Did the pots look the same as a slower firing?

Your new kiln story reminds me that this year I need to get my small kiln in working much nicer to fire in July!

smartcat said...

P.S. Did you really get a blizzard?

Knight said...

Wait, what? Why is she sewing a wedding dress? What did I miss?!

cm said...

We'll have to compare notes at the end of the year, as a coworker says it's the 12 days before Christmas that determine the weather for the year ahead, so I tracked those.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh ho, 12 day theories abound! It was VERY mild most of the days before Christmas. NOT a wedding dress, just me goofing around, she is making a new cover for the bed etcetcetc...and it went to cone 06 in 3 hours, that is zero to 1800 degrees pretty damn fast. I am watching the new kiln closely, as it goes to 2200 degrees for a glaze firing today, and yes, things looked the same as ever :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh, and mini-blizzard? We had a few snow squalls Tuesday--only a couple of inches total. Squall = fierce and blustery and snowy, but only briefly :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Of course Spike has to help out. Cats are good that way.

I am about to talk about the ultimate boring topic, the weather. In depth without fun theories. It's been really weird here! Like, tomorrow it's supposed to be 60. 60?! I mean, I don't like blizzards and the way cold, but it's weird. Isn't that weird? Winter only feels like winter because there's less sunshine and I have turned into my usual hermit/vampire. Of course in the Summer I was like, "I'm ready for winter because all of these activities are wearing me out." But now it's Winter and there are no activities, but it's warm so there could be. Whatever! My body is in blizzard mode, there's just no blizzard.

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