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Monday, January 16, 2012

Teddy bears and Godzilla: the cure for the jingly janglys...

You will notice here a teapot I wondered if I could make. I could and I did. I was looking at the green on the teapot top from Sunday's post thinking : "the dog is great, but I need a good green something up there...and since I do frogs all the time, what else could it be?" and you know the only answer to that is
GODZILLA. Never made one before, this turned out soooo perfect. Here is how it went:

We had been searching for a veggie recipe getting super irritated all morning (NOT behind the fridge, but several other recipes were). (duh--it is online, search OVER) and I took my irritated self back to the studio and began work. I decided Godzilla was the most fun thing on the list, and started trying to figure him out....oh the JOY, oh the relaxation. As I had said yesterday, even to a potter who does this everyday, the immense satisfaction in working with clay, or any creative pursuit, can really soothe the savage beast. I was also realizing that creatively I am a very restless person. I was talking bears all last week, now Godzilla. I really have a hard time making one thing for long, there is just so much to explore!

As far as Godzilla goes, this is a very friendly looking SCI-FI monster. I put it on there entirely for irony and humor, as I do everything. Reminds me of the Saturday afternoon TV matinee when I was little, the Creature Feature, which had Godzilla and all the rest, just delightful to my little 6 year old mind.....

Spike is like "let me at 'em!" with the wndow bird feeder...

I have no doubt the Beastie Boys, exactly my age, may have seen the very same Creature Features when they were little....


smartcat said...

That Godzilla is just about the cutest little monster I've ever seen......I think he would be great to see over breakfast!

Spike looks ready willing and able....but what does he really think of snow? My three guys are lined up at the deck slider making attack noises over some very bold squirrels!

Michèle Hastings said...

only you can get away with making godzilla teapots...
creature double feature fans will gobble him up!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That is QUITE a unique tea pot! You have so many great ideas. :)

Lori Buff said...

Cute! I love his swirly tail.

Anonymous said...

Godzilla or maybe a wee cute dragon?
Spike cracks me up. Was the bird teasing him?

Reverend Awesome said...

I don't think that was the Godzilla outside today. That Godzilla looks to cute to growl.

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