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Monday, January 2, 2012

new (filthy) resolutions!

I should be serious this time, really! OK, another resolutions haiku, this one blessedly shorter than my last:

New year's resolutions 2012 by Gary Rith, a haiku

More secks, dregs, rock and
Roll...of course, I do not do
Dregs....except advil.....

Gosh, that is an appalling haiku! Horrible! Let's try again...

New resolutions
Indeed: one piece chocolate
With morning coffee.

I will definitely make that happen. Yesterday I wanted to bake the bread to go with the blackeyed peas. The wife is southern (Missouri sure seems southern to me!) and natch, we have to have the black eye peas on new years for good luck all year. I always love the hoppin' john so much that I wonder why we don't make luck more often???!!! I base my recipe on the very simple goya hoppin' john, except use, of course, soy bacon, red and and yellow peppers, and the wife insisted I use dry beans instead of canned (a lot less salt!). Wicked delish, and I made bread and there was champers too! i read recently that the only thing champagne is good for is getting a woman's skirt down to her ankles...wonder what that means?

I wanted a cheerful and celebratory photo of self with wife for the new year, but she was like "my hair! You cannot take a pic until I do my hair!" but I worried the champagne would go flat and the food cold ;).....


cookingwithgas said...

collards- where are the collards- those are the money!

smartcat said...

Nice loaves!

Michèle Hastings said...

we had the collards (because we need the money) with black eyed peas and HOG JOWLS... (i think i would have liked soy bacon better).

Michèle Hastings said... a matter of fact, i don't see any green veggies there.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

CELERY. The recipe calls for celery :) Tis green! And collards, whatever they are, sound disgusting. And this from a vegetarian.....

CiCi said...

Well, it seems that you will be blessed with much good luck this year. I hope some of it spills over onto some of us poor blogging buddies.

Michèle Hastings said...

i am not a fan of collards for greens i prefer swiss chard. since i live with a native southerner there are times when i just have to go along with it.
hmmmm....not sure that celery counts as a green leafy vegetable.

Anonymous said...

Nice bread!
Santa bought my husband a bar of chili-infused chocolate... oh my goodness, it is SO good! Especially with a glass of red wine...

Cheryl said...

Oh yum...looks so delish. Happy New Year!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Every time you write the word secks on your blog, I turn into a giggling 12 year old!
Your food always looks so yummy!!!

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