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Friday, January 6, 2012


OK, here is the end of the story: I made this mashed potato recipe the other evening, sooooo tasty, from one of the wife's magazines. It is made with potato, veggies and white beans, no cream or butter. It is amaaaaaazing! Recipe follows.* But I was like, to the wife:
"what do I do with all these leftovers?" and the wife is like
"lunch Thursday!".
I was unsure what leftover mashed potatoes would be like, but they were fine, and EVEN BETTER when I turned some into burritos. Probably the tastiest burrito ever, nay, THE TASTIEST MEAL EVER!

Mashed potato burrito, chez Gary:
-take the tortilla and slap on some cheese (I use non-dairy cheese as you know, but whatever)
-smear on some mashed potato
-scoop a LOT of hot mustard on there....
-roll into burrito, give it some seconds in the 'wave to warm the inside, then set it into the oven at 225 or something, to warm the outside and crisp it a bit while you clean the cat box, check your blog and facebook for like, 20 mins, then EAT!

Mashed potato and veg recipe, the best in the world:

--finely chop an onion, large carrot and large celery stalk, heat some olive oil in a large soup pot and saute about 8-10 minutes until soft
--toss in 5-6 medium unpeeled and washed and diced red potatoes and a 15-16 oz can of white beans--cover with water so that it is over the veggies-potatoes-beans by an inch or 2, bring mixture to a boil, adding salt if you wish
--boil 8-12 minutes until potatoes are soft, turn off heat
--scoop out about a cup of the cooking water and reserve, drain the veggies-potatoes-beans and return them to the pot---start mashing the mixture, adding a little of the cooking water at a time (you don't have to use it all) to make the mix nice and smooth, etc, stir in black pepper and eat!


ayesha said...
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Lori Buff said...


~ Sil in Corea said...

Holy Catfish! That sounds like a sooper-dooper bundle of deliciousness!

Unknown said...

These sound really delicious, however, Instead of mustard I am using Horshradish, and I am throwing in some green peppers, or perhaps some chopped chili peppers, mmmmmmm

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Yum! we're trying to eat vegetarian meals a couple of times a week so this is definitely going on the list to make sometime soon!

Hilary said...

Sounds yummy.. except for the cat box part. ;)

Anonymous said...

no cream or butter? You might need to share this recipe...

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