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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I taunt you and I tease you then I finally give it up for you....

You will recall that the last couple of days I have taunted you with the green blob going into the kiln the other day to be glaze fired, then again, a pic at the top of the kiln, where I tell you it is this amazing sculpture I made of Godzilla eating a car. Here tis, the teasing is over! I made it as a possible submission to a fine art show I am entering this week (it can hang on the wall or sit on a pedestal). Anyway, got us thinking about Blondie's tune RAPTURE with the line "....Man from Mars.....eatin' cars, Cadillac and Subaru" The little car was made on the pottery wheel, and I think they are cute and wonder if maybe a little car should go atop a teapot.... (sculpture by Gary Rith)


gz said...

I think the car would look good on a teapot!

smartcat said...

Some Monster! Pot possibilities for a car!

Lori Buff said...

Yes, that would be cute. You should do it.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes yes...that is definitely a great little car...should have some places of honor for sure!

Mrs. G. said...

I vote for the car...and maybe some squished bodies under his feet.

Pauline said...

Godzilla is awesome! Car on a teapot?? Yes of course, why not ;o))

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