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Friday, April 6, 2012

anatomy of a nap....and a dream....

YES, Penny and Spike are such good friends. They like to cuddle and nap and all, and Spike is always kissing her....

OK, that's me glazing below. I dress in a random way, and I was telling the wife "this is a really bad color combo" bright blue shirt with that sweater, but that is not my point. My point is, the photo below that, shows on the right a piece I made around 1990, a mug with a face on it--I put faces on mugs from time to time, going back to that first one there years ago. Then you see an unfired mug with a guy's face in the middle--I was dreaming the other day, and that guy with the big hair came to me! I had to go make it right away! On the left in that pic is another bunny sculpture, like I was saying yesterday, i wanted to make one with a more simple face.....looks tres good...have a TRES GOOD WEEKEND yerself!


smartcat said...

OOOOHHHH!! Animal dreams!

Love those faces. But the Rabbit! Yes! How about the Mad Hatter and the March Hare?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am of 2-3 minds about Alice in Wonderland: a) was lewis Carroll a perverted creep and this is a story about the real Alice and....?? Maybe b) I don't like the story AT ALL...I don't like Peter Pan either, I never saw Star wars and I never liked Star Trek either, sorry! somehow all those things are not my taste---and I am sorry to say, people ask me to make Alice themed stuff, and I really do NOT like to although c) I LOVE the Alice illustrations, absolutely love most of them. So, that is my Alice point of view. My favorite, again, goes back to Beatrix Potter as I was saying yesterday.....please look down a couple posts....

Joe Troncale said...

My first two posts somehow didn't make it to the blog, but I showed your face pots to my colleague Sigmund, and he had this to say:
"Zis Gary fellow (wit ze strange-looking Argyle sveters)...Ze fazes zat he puts on ze potz...Ve have much analyziz zat must be done vit his psyche..."

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh my...and to think that YOU, Joe, have the same sweater....but your wife probably makes sure you don't pair it with BRIGHT BLUE!

Joe Troncale said...

I hide from her when I am wearing it...

Joyful Things said...

Lewis Carroll wrote a scary story. His parents should have said "Just say no to LSD, Lewis!"

I Love the new face mug, and have a great weekend to you also.

Michèle Hastings said...

your 90's version mug is reminds of all the face jugs here in the south!
I am ok with the bright blue under the argyle...everything goes with gray :o)

Barbara Rogers said...

Better bunny, I think. Face of today is definitely better than yester-yore, or at least my favorite. And you look dashing in argyle and blue...want to bet the animals love it too?

bartster said...

Huh...I'd probably wear the same color combination and think i was stylish. There's an advantage to being over fifty and having NEVER been cool! Now people derided my sartorial gaffes out of earshot....and that's less of a distance as the hearing starts to go.
The FACES, Gary YESSSSS!!!!! Hair....Yes plus! bartster

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