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Saturday, September 25, 2010

shakin' it....

Penny gets really excited about her dinner. I got 3 quick shots of her dancing around while I was getting her bowl ready.
Stevo came over late Friday. Penny likes to show off her pink spotted belly....

Stevo is driving around with these murder implements. He is a photographer and is hoping to get this spooky guy to let him take a series of pictures. I dunno, would you hand a spooky guy implements of destruction like this and turn your back? I think not....
Georges Le Soq, my rotton French sock monkey is like
"I will tell everybody about you_________ unless you give me my due. I vant service or I TELL everybody on facebook about when _____" and I am like "shut it Georges! Fine. Chardonnay?"

All the ladies want to sleep with Spike. First Penny then later Emily....


k.a. barnes said...

GEORGES!! I burst out laughing at the pic of you & Maude with him. Brilliant.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh these are really great photos Gary, love the one with Maude, you, and Georges...well done! :)

Becky Jo said...

I jump up and down when it's time to eat too. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHAHA!! Oh this was a great post! So much exciting events. StevO has psycho killer weapons!
You guys pleading with Georges is great!

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