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Sunday, September 6, 2015

what it means.....

Does anybody else wonder why a billionaire born rich with questionable morals and ethics and loudly spoken hatreds is so popular with average people?  I am grateful for him, in a way, because he says what so many others believe but do not voice.  GOOD.  Keep on talking, expressing your repellent views.

Does anybody else understand why a follower of Christ, who had  preached love,  kindness and understanding, a follower who has been divorced more than once, is so full of hatred she would judge others who wished to marry so harshly she would go to jail?

Does anybody else understand why Americans are so paranoid?  That because one dude tried to turn his shoe into an airplane bomb everybody has to take their shoes off at airports, but back on the ground state legislatures make it easier and easier for people to carry guns, openly and concealed?  Gun owners are statistically much more likely to use their guns against themselves or people they know either intentionally or by accident rather than as protection, yet still American buys them like Halloween candy...

Maybe future generations will look back and wonder why we were so nutty.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Gary. I wonder about the nuttiness and hypocrisy every day.
The guns, the bigotry, the hate-fueled rants of egomaniacs.

And then at the end you can find a sunflower in a darling blue vase and feel there is still beauty in the world so you keep on keeping on.

bartster said...

Excellent post. The quote about looking for the helpers comes to mind even as I read "Green Girl in Wisconsin"'s words about beauty in the world. We look for that and create it...perhaps help is there as well.

Barbara Rogers said...

Last year I flew on major airlines and didn't have to remove my shoes. But your point is well taken. Keep on thinking, and speaking out. The craziness of our times will begin to improve one of these days, an optimist I have to have that hope. I also believe things may get worse first.

Michèle Hastings said...

Yeah, I wonder the about the same things too. Hopefully the beautiful items we create can help to counteract the kooks.

JB said...

Looking in from the outside I hope your next president is not Donald as heaven help us all if that is the result. Your gun laws ensure more Americans will be murdered by Americans than by terrorists in your country. I flew from the worlds most liveable city to the most ignored country town in Victoria and had to take my shoes off. It was
the metal eyelets that a set off the machine. Embarrassing!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Solid gold, Gary.

Hatred seems to be fully acceptable by so many these days. I'm sad.

Fresca said...

I've been working [editing freelance] on a kids book about Lincoln---I see then the same paranoia and fear and "cognitive biases" toward thinking the worst of a situation and acting violently because of it.

Lincoln tried to activate the "better angels of our nature" but they got drowned out by louder forces... (Not to say he did everything right himself!)
P.S. I popped over here following a comment of yours on "Ook?!" (Gwynneth's blog).

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Well said. This whole election "process" is just exhausting. Seems like we've gotten pretty far away from live and let live.

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