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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

an angel on my shoulder....

(YOU KNOW your vivacious, energetic little beagle is sick when she won't eat and hides under the bureau...)

SO, yeah, like I was saying, we drove the long trip Saturday and climbed the remote northern mountain with the dog, and it was all awesome.  BUT back down on earth?  WELL, it was Monday after all....the poor dog had to get the early vet appt.:  scratching like nuts due to her usual seasonal skin allergies like we have NEVER seen in her.  I know now that if she is having a little trouble she can have benadryl....but on Sunday night it had gotten bad and now she has prednisone, etc, and will be fine....

BUT GET THIS small miracle:  I drive the dog home from the vet and the car breaks down by our mechanic.....think about what could have been, on top of a remote mountain on the weekend with a dead car and our dog, and instead it breaks down at home where our usual guy can fix it easily, and he did, WOW, small miracle :)


smartcat said...

Poor Penny. Glad she is getting better!
Sometimes the magic works; obviously it did for you. Not only near you mechanic, but something fixable!

Barbara Rogers said...

Hope Penny is feeling better, drugs are the way I live with allergies these days. You've also trained your car well! What a blessing it behaved so nicely.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Hopefully the meds have kicked in and Penny is feeling better by now. Close call on the car. Glad you made it back safely. Good karma pays off. :)

Michèle Hastings said...

Poor Penny. I hope she feels better soon. Itching is such a problem for dogs. Zoetis came out with a great anti-itch med awhile back but there is a shortage and they can't keep up with demand. Even my daughter, who works for them, can't get it for her very itchy/scratchy Boxer.

k.a. barnes said...

Poor Penny. Our eyes are all runny from allergies over here.

smalltownme said...

Poor sweet Penny. But you are SO LUCKY your breakdown held off.

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