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Saturday, September 19, 2015

hittin' the road....

If it is going to be this hot...(80s and sunny in September!)...then we gotta do the wee road trip. More on that later!

Before I ever sculpted a wee pig onto a pot, I made piggy banks.  That is where they all started.

I have an order for 6 pink pigs and soon they get shipped....and YES, there are good pigs available now at my etsy gallery (click here NOW!) and you can have a look, thanks!


Barbara Rogers said...

Pink! Oh my, I've never done pink anything!

Hilary said...

So cute.. they deserve a poem or something.

Six pink piggies lined up on a rail.
Corks in their noses and curls in their tails.
Three named Butch and three named Betsy
One can be yours with a quick stop at Etsy.

Or something.

smalltownme said...

A piggy parade!

Caroline said...

They sure look like they know where they are going. Love the poem!

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