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Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEIRD WEDNESDAY, or what I have in common with David Bowie...

A very young David Bowie
You can't make this sh!t up.  This is all true and this conversation about it all happened.

SO, I am sitting there chatting with the wife, telling her :

"I get this email from an odd name in Malaysia claiming to be a looks like the usual spam, right? But I read it and look at the attachments:  a German man living in Kuala Lampur thinks he might be my cousin."

The wife: "well sure, next he wants you to give him your credit card info so he can help you secure the gold mine in Nigeria you just inherited"

"EXACTLY.  Except, he has sent attachments.  Several years ago I did a blog post about my great-great grandfather Franz Lesshaft, a German painter, which this guy found.  This fellow is his great-great-great nephew, and has 11 paintings by him, photos of the family, and even better, a family tree which matches our family tree.  And he is not asking for anything."

The wife "For real!"

"Yes.  Because we all have unusual names, it is easy for us to be looked up and found without finding unrelated people.  But the best part?  He sent a photo of my great-great-great grandmother taken in the 1860s, our common ancestor, BORN IN 1799, and she looks like me! Or I look like her.  HOT DAMN, how often in life do you get to see a picture of your great-great-great grandmother, born in 1799???????????????" (if I can do it, I will try to post her pic someday)

The wife "!!!!!!!"

"By the way, you have very pretty eyes."

The wife "Thank you."

"What color would you say, light green-ish hazel, right?"

The wife "Yes."

"What color are my eyes?" 
(knowing full well they are a similar color, green-ish hazel--the wife and I have ancestors with the same last name from Berlin.....I wonder sometimes if we are fifth cousins, like FDR and Eleanor...really!  My dna has been done (more on that another day) and maybe one day the wife's will be done.....or do we really want to know?)

The wife "YOUR EYE HAS CHANGED COLOR! Your right eye is dark brown now!!!!!!!!!"


I have had some eye trouble here in my 40s, which is why older pics show me without glasses.  I only got them 5 years ago.  I get drops in my right eye, which is more affected---my eye lashes grew like weeds at first and in reading side effects found that THEY ARE ALSO AN EXPENSIVE WAY to grow your eyelashes for beauty's sake...think Kardashian. I think that sh!t is crazy...sure, eye drops to save your vision from failing, but just to grow lush eyelashes?????????????? Anyway, this morning I read up about the eye drops again.............SOMETIMES THEY CAUSE YOUR EYES TO CHANGE COLOR.

How do I feel about this????????? I have a new eye doctor who is not convinced these eye drops are helping me, so I am on a month long break from them, but if I don't take them again, will my right eye stay FUNKY????????????


gz said...

eye changes can show health changes....I'm not a specialist on this...ask someone who is.

Family trees?The more you do,the more you want to go further!

Jan Morrison said...

Okay. I just cruised over from Stumblejumpin Gal and read this. Totally fascinating. But I don't know how you are like Bowie. Does he have mismatched eyes?why don't I know this? Love your crocodile mug. Later.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay the family tree bug has bit again! Eyes? If they work is the important thing! I woke up with beginning of a style yesterday, so now one eye is getting treated...oh dear, what if my hazel eyes do the same thing!

Lori Buff said...

That’s very interesting about the long lost relative, and so cool to get the pic of your very great grandmother.

I never knew that about eye drops, weird.

Michèle Hastings said...

Wow, will your eye color return to normal if you stop the drops?
My Dad was on drops for glaucoma, eventually he had a laser treatment that worked well and he discontinued the drops.

Jenny Hart Boren said...

'Can cause iris color changes' is one of those drug label warnings you think won't ever happen, until it does. The other warning is 'and it doesn't go back, buddy.' (--so to speak!) Like Viagra and Rogaine, yours is one of those medicines with unexpected side effects--ones worth as much, or more, to the pharmaceutical industry than the original intended use. In your case--dark eye[s] with lush lashes. Science: oopsie! I went to school with a girl that was born with two different colored eyes.

I love that your cousin found you! We really are all related--some by very slender threads, but isn't it fascinating? Someone to visit in the old country!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

VERY cool about the long lost relative! I would love to have photos of my great great greats.

I'm VERY worried about your eye. I hope it is not something serious. Yikes!

And yes, you and Bowie are super cool. :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

How strange (worrisome?) it is that your drops changed your eye color. Hmmm... Mine changed with age. They used to be blue and now they are greenish, although whether they look more green or blue depends on what I wear.

Cool to find another relative. I hope you can share that picture soon.

Common Household Mom said...

So you're not saying that David Bowie lives in Malaysia and is your cousin?

I hope you get the right treatment for your eyes. I didn't know that eyes could change color.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! What a zany side effect!
But you look even more interesting now, so there's that...

Summer said...

So strange about your eye--does it make you feel funny when you look in the mirror? I mean, it's your same old eye you've always had..and yet. Anyway, I hope all is well with it!

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