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Saturday, September 12, 2015

how the run of the mill breeds innovation

I was wondering to myself what I might do next, what idea would test my imagination and stave off boredom.
I am AWFUL when it comes to the usual potter ideal of make it over and over again, I move on from ideas very quickly, loving to explore something new.

BUT what I realized last week as I made many piggies and elephant cups (I don't mind doing them because they are cute and sweet and fun and instant sellers, but they don't involve any thinking at all, i have made so many it is automatic):  if you are making many of one thing, it is like sweeping, an ordinary activity that could make ideas pop into your head.
Like this pitcher idea I am exploring.
And the teapot I doodled yesterday and will make soon.....

(new pitcher by Gary Rith)


Barbara Rogers said...

It's so very fluid...and I wonder if it's thrown or hand built!

JB said...

Awesome new look. A little asymetrical, a little unpredictable.

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