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Thursday, September 17, 2015

the aftermath....

Much of my readership here is, like me, middle aged, I think, and GOOD GOLLY we all know what it is like (or can guess) what that colonoscopy screening is like....the comments from you all! I liked Bart's "north and south" comment, delicately describing how I had the colonoscopy AND endoscopy, covering both ends of my plumbing, as it were....

ANYWAY, I found the whole thing no big deal BUT for one small detail:  actually, all the details.  Add up all the small details and it feels like you are kind of a different person taking a weird medical vacation from your usual bodily health, you know?  None of it any trouble or problem, just...different.  Like going to Italy.  No. More like going to Serbia.  A lot is the same as home (people! hills! cats and dogs!), but on the other hand, there are many small inconveniences and uncomfortable aspects UNlike home, and you sorta wanna get back to where you were, as interesting as the whole experience has been....


Barbara Rogers said...

But instead there you are, the cheese (er, peanut butter) in a critter sandwich! They are just glad it was you not them!

JB said...

The pets just love it when we are in recovery mode on the couch.

bartster said...

Based on previous experience as a hospital employee and an infrequent patient and now an occasional visitor, I believe hospitals have a culture of their own. Beginning with terminology, to the way things are done, unwritten rules of communication and etiquette/protocol. Your analogy of visiting another country resonates with my own perception and experience. welcome home!

Anonymous said...

You know what? This calls for some goodwill PB&J muffins.

smalltownme said...

That is the best picture, pets in both hands! My cat Homer sends his sympathy - he had both the north and south procedures last year and believe me, a cat just does not understand why all that is going on.

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