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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

that dog, this house, those pots, a rodent and a snake...

We let these morning glories go nuts all over our house, tear them down in winter, and they reseed themselves again in the new year, just gorgeous, right?  A rare example of me gardening successfully!

I am rather pleased with the pots below.  No big surprise, considering the wee beagle who helps with them, right?

OK, I wondered whether I should share my mildly freaky story with you which has made me mildly crabby this  online philosophy being:  stow the crap!  Be sweet online :)

But this is one of those wee stories that people love to read:  OK, I am not fond of snakes.  YES, some live in the foundation of this old house (150 years!). The foundation is river stones, and I diligently fill crevices, but can you ever finish such a job?

WELL, the little snakes and rodents move in to the crevices.  I s'pose it should balance out, right?  Rodents move in, snakes eat them.  And up here we do not have poisonous snakes, just shy little garden snakes, the occaisional milk snake.

OK, so yesterday I go into the basement to get clay, which is not as scary a place as it once was (having been cleaned last spring, as you remember)...and as I enter I see that a chipmunk has devised a NEW way into the basement.......and there in the middle of the floor is a big milk snake looking at me.

Milk snakes look like copperheads or some other awful and scary snake, but they are not.  They just want to live in my house and eat my rodents.  I tell myself this.  I took a rake and tried to gently move his ass out of the basement to some distant county or state...but he naturally slithered off to some part of the foundation that is probably right under my bedroom....

OK, so you know I dream in technicolor, right?  I had this horrible dream right now that a snake bit my cat Spike in the heart....I had to get up and check that he is FINE.  He is.  We all are. And as Miss Clavell tells the girls in MADELINE "thank the Lord that you are well..."


Barbara Rogers said...

There's a chipmunk just skittering all over outside this house. But since I'm due to move out of it this weekend, I'll leave it, and other problems to the folks that own it, or next live here. It won't be empty long, just enough to get new carpeting finally (I sure hope) and make it into a legal 2 bedroom.

smartcat said...

I always love your dreams! I'm sure glad this was your dream and not mine. Even our little garden snakes freak me out!

Kathy said...

I shudder in sympathy, have always been terrified of snakes, if I discovered one in our house we'd have to move! This summer, while our son was in Oklahoma for work, he was bitten on the ankle by a rattlesnake and spent 4 days in the ICU receiving anti venom treatment. Now we all have post traumatic snake disorder.

JB said...

I have never heard of a milk snake. Ours are all seriously venomous and are just waking up for the summer.

Michèle Hastings said...

This is snake bite season in NC... I have decided that I won't go out and do yard work without wearing long pants and hiking boots (not sure that will really protect me!).
Madeline... a favorite of mine from childhood.
Children's literature is the BEST.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

EEEEEKK!! First for the rodents, then for the thought of snakes living under the bedroom...
But then, anything that keeps the mice population under control is a good thing, right? (Keep telling yourself that!)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I'm not scared of snakes but I do not want one in my basement. Yikes!

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