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Monday, May 4, 2015

they are not all mine...

(me with Puffy...some say Puffy is psycho, but we get along...)

Sure, you see this parade of pets here....some people are new to my life and figure I have this huge menagerie of dogs and cats.  I did once, but not now--just Penny the dog and Spike the cat.

BUT as a full-time artist people knew I was around and flexible (sort of--I mean, I am working from home, but still WORKING, right?) and so they asked for pet sitting...

One time too many there was the junky souvenir for my 2 weeks of scooping cat poo and playing with lonely animals whose owners were whooping it up at the beach. The last straw were the people who didn't give me a stupid souvenir AND no THANKS either.

So I decided to charge for my time.

I wondered if it had gotten out of control last winter as I bravely walked one dog not my own after another in below zero temps.  But it is so dang FUN.   People like me caring for their pets, and I LOVE it.  And a little check goes a long way toward feeling appreciated so I do an amazing job of it, allowing plenty of time for their attention and exercise.

Then I come home and work on the pots again.....


Barbara Rogers said...

Pet sitter potter! The care for animals must be the same for clay!

Michèle Hastings said...

The pet sitting is a perfect compliment to your full time pottery work.
and that blue vase with the forsythia is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Pets and pots--you have the life, Gary. And you are right on to charge for your help to people.

smalltownme said...

You provide a valuable service and absolutely should be paid for your time. Even if it's fun! Well, the poop scooping isn't but the playtime is.

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