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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

have a ...GODZILLA Christmas....

Do Jewish people look at American Christians and think they are nuttiest people on EARTH?
I was driving past a school yesterday and saw its neighbor has huge blow up stuff all over the yard, and this Godzilla Santa cracked me up so I took the picture...but the more I look at it, the more I say
"should the designer of that thing have maybe placed the tree....a little higher.... or maybe it would be better for no tree.....maybe a bag of toys at his side?  Because it looks like Godzilla Santa has, unusual predilections."

As far as American Christians and decorations go, I am a Quaker as many of you remember, and we believe no day is more sacred than another.  Including December 25th.  We also tend to go a little toward the plain side with decorations. Doesn't mean we don't have celebrations or decorations, but maybe try for a little less.....excess.....although, as  a retailer, I dearly hope that people will be excessive when they shop my work ;)

Everybody loves piggies with corks in their nose, but I like to make sitting ones too...there is a slot in back....the ones below the sitting pigs are for an order, and I was surprised to find I used my LAST 2 corks on them...had to order more...

IN OTHER news, I am babysitting Scoop the cat this week...she is, as you recall, a favorite of mine.
She goes bananas when I come to the door....


Michèle Hastings said...

Yes, that is one creepy santa godzilla... glad you counteracted the image with cute piggies and kitties.

Barbara Rogers said...

So happy to see you hadn't made that Godzilla! Tee hee. Yours are so much cuter...piggies I mean! Why do you now have word verification turned on? It's a minor pain, but I sometimes don't bother commenting where it's required.

Summer said...

I LOVE my Gary Rith piggy bank! It has polka dots and I named it "Mouton." Which means "sheep" and not "pig," but I don't care. I love Mouton to death!

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